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TikTok Mom Has Clever Parenting Hack for Kids Who Get Too Many Christmas Gifts

Are you a mom whose child receives too many Christmas gifts? Well, one TikTok mom may have this problem — if you should call it that — fully sorted. For every gift her child receives from an over-zealous family, she empowers her daughter to donate a toy she already owns to those less fortunate.

While this is certainly difficult for her daughter to do, one can’t help but see the long-term benefit. Keeping a child’s feet firmly planted on the ground can be tough with a generous family. No one wants a Veruca Salt running around their house, after all.

Haylie Grammer’s Hack for Too Many Christmas Gifts

On her TikTok, Haylie Grammer shared her ingenious trick via video. At the top of the clip, she addresses the camera directly, asking, “Do you have kids that get way too much for Christmas, including what you buy for them yourself?”

“Well, I do,” she continues.

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From there, she goes on to explain the premise of the hack, reports Yahoo. With her family, it sounds like the Christmas gifts all get mailed in early. So, she allows her daughter to open one gift per day leading up to Christmas. Which is a pretty fun trade-off for the hack, itself.

When her daughter opens a present and wants to keep it, she then has to select something else that she owns to donate. “So she has to trade,” Grammer explains. We then get to see her daughter’s massive mound of presents under a wonderfully bright and colorful Christmas tree. No wonder she had to come up with this hack!

Of course, the internet had to weigh in, but most of the comments seemed to praise the TikTok mom’s clever gift work. “No kid needs 25-30 gifts,” one commenter chimed in. “Can you adopt me?” said another.

We think that this is a lovely lesson, tied with a good deed, that also keeps your house from being overrun with children’s toys. Quite clever, indeed.

What do you think of this hack for too many Christmas gifts? Is this something that you might consider trying with your kids? Let us know in the comments below.

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