TikTok Mom, Tara Huck, Receives Criticism for Not Allowing Sleepovers

Photo by: Casey Durkin/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Tara Huck, a mom from North Carolina, sparked quite the controversy over on TikTok for her post captioned “unpopular parenting opinions.” The opinion that everyone seems so divided on is simply that Huck doesn’t allow her children to attend sleepovers.

What’s so wrong with that, exactly? No idea. Is it something that every mom should do? Completely depends on how you feel about it as a parent. But, of course, on the internet, everyone has an opinion and everyone thinks theirs is the correct one.


Unfortunately, this is exactly what Huck was met with for her post, but we are pretty sure she was expecting it, on some level.

Tara Huck Mouths Lyrics ‘Let’s Start a Riot’ in Video

@t.c.huckThis should be fun. #parenting #parents #TargetHalloween BUNNY IS QUEEN – Bunny Barbie

Within Huck’s TikTok video, she revealed via bits of text a few of her parenting opinions. The first of which is “I don’t allow sleepovers.” This is the one that seemed to ignite the TikTok trolls. So much so that Huck ended up on Fox News to talk about it.

So far, the post has received over 5,000 comments.

Everyone rushed to share their opinions and criticisms, which range from Huck just being too “strict” to some kind of childhood-depriving monster.

That’s just how the internet goes, as we all know.

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Of course, there’s plenty of comments that come to Huck’s defense, as well.

“For everybody commenting talking about sleepovers made their childhood, the world is different & scarier now,” one commenter said, which is a very valid point.

Other’s commented along the lines of children shouldn’t need to be put into other people’s homes in order to have a good childhood.

Why Huck Doesn’t Allow Sleepovers

To both Fox News, and in follow-up TikTok posts, Huck explained why she doesn’t allow sleepovers. And it’s an entirely reasonable concern.

“Because there are too many unknown elements and situations that could come up” without the presence of the parent there to protect or correct. This includes safety concerns or potentially traumatic events.

Specifically, Huck cited that there could be weapons kept in someone’s house, “…it’s not to say I have anything against weapons, it’s just to say kids have no business being around them.”

“At the end of the day, if I’m looked at as a mean mom, but my kid can maybe come out of childhood without some insanely traumatic experience, I’m OK,” Huck says. “And I will feel like I have done my job to the best of my ability with the knowledge that I have as a mom.”

Huck Is Well Aware Not Everyone Agrees

Huck welcomes disagreement and made clear that her views weren’t meant to “shame or upset” other parents with differing ones.

“You are more than welcome to bring up your kids however you see fit, as long as they are fed and happy and healthy and cared for,” says Huck. “You are more than welcome to do what you see fit. But then again, so am I.”

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Regardless of all the criticism, she’s received, Huck seems to know that her children are perfectly happy. She told Fox News that her children are “very active and social”, spend time with friends, and “have normal lives.”

Do you think that Tara Huck is too strict of a mom? Do you have any similar rules as a parent? Let us know in the comments below.