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Christmas Gifts for All the Taylor Swift Fans in Your Life

Do you have a Taylor Swift fan in your friends circle? Or is your little one a Swiftie? Instead of giving them a random gift, why not make their dreams come true with a Taylor Swift-related gift? Trust us, they will surely appreciate your gesture. Wondering what Christmas gifts would be perfect for the Swfities in your life? Here’s a gift guide that will make your shopping trip easier.

1. Taylor Swift’s signature necklace 

This is one of the best Christmas gifts for Taylor Swift fans: her signature necklace. Everyone will love this gift, especially your daughter or granddaughter. They will love to flaunt it every day. So get your hand on this jewelry piece from online stores. However, make sure that the necklace is durable and the color does not fade with daily use.

2. Coffee table book

If you are shopping for your fashionista teen or someone obsessed with Taylor Swift’s impeccable fashion sense, then the coffee table book “Taylor Swift: And The Clothes She Wears” by Terry Newman will be a perfect Christmas gift for them. From cardigans to cowboy boots to cottage-core, the book charts the style evolution of the hyper-chic superstar.

3. Makeup bag

Grab a cute little makeup bag for your loved ones to store their red lipstick, eyeliners, and all other cosmetics that could help them recreate Taylor Swift’s iconic makeup look. This will be an ideal Christmas gift for teens. Grab a makeup bag showcasing the superstar in all her fierceness, red lips, winged liner, and all. Whether it be your friend or your little one, they will love to carry the bag wherever they go.

4. Taylor Swift’s 17-piece Crocs charms

If your munchkin can’t live without their Crocs, there is no better gift than these Taylor Swift-inspired footwear decorations. They will surely love to flaunt these adorable charms in front of their friends post-holiday season.

5. Advice book 

Get your hands on the singer’s advice book “Be More Taylor Swift: Fearless Advice On Following Your Dreams And Finding Your Voice” for all those who need encouragement now and then. This will be an excellent Christmas gift for your tweens and teens, as it will uplift them and encourage them to face challenges without fear.

6. Taylor Swift’s vinyls

Does your Taylor Swift fan love vinyl? Then why not gift them “Midnights” in their favorite color or “Speak Now (Taylor’s Version)” 3LP. They will think about you every time they listen to it. If your kid is a Swiftie, they will love to dance to the tunes of her songs. Bonus: You also get to enjoy Taylor’s melodious voice because who doesn’t love her music?

7. Taylor Swift’s biography

Another book you can give to a Swiftie, especially a child, is “Taylor Swift: A Little Golden Book Biography.” It will help the little one dream big. The book is the perfect introduction to non-fiction for youngsters. It tells the story of the singer’s journey from being an aspiring country music singer to a record-breaking pop star.

8. Music album mug

Shopping for a coffee lover or a tea addict? You can never go wrong with Taylor Swift’s music album mug. The mug is available in various colors and comes in two sizes online. If not mug, you can even get a stemless wine glass with her favorite quote mentioned on it. Plus, it will make a cute gift for your partner if they are a fan, and you can steal the mug for yourself occasionally as well.

Taylor Swift performs onstage during "Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour" at Allianz Parque on November 24, 2023 in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
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9. Christmas ornament with Taylor Swift’s lyrics

There is nothing better than gifting a Christmas ornament with singers’ lyrics written on it. It will surely take center stage. It will be their favorite decor on the tree every year until the end of time. If you can’t find Christmas ornaments, key chains, hoodies, caps, sweatshirts, etc., with their favorite lyrics written on them will also make an excellent Christmas gift for your loved ones.

It’s the perfect gift for that friend who loves to bake. They will love this Christmas gift with all their heart. Get Taylor Swift’s album-inspired cookie cutters for your friend or family member and see them baking and singing along with joy. 

Aren’t these Christmas gifts adorable? We bet they are. So wait no more and start shopping for them before they run out of stock, and surprise the Swifties in your life now. Happy gift-giving!

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