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Best New Year Gifts for Family and Friends

Are you planning to shower your loved one with gifts on New Year’s Eve but can’t decide what to get for them? We have some budget-friendly options for your family and friends that they will surely love. So, without any dilly-dally, let’s get started.

1. Personalized photos

This is a great New Year gift option for your family and friends. Select some good pictures from your stock, get them printed, and frame them for your loved ones to take a walk down memory lane. Alternatively, you can digitally print the pictures on a canvas for that unique touch.

2. Gourmet baskets

Depending on the taste of your family or friends, make an assorted New Year gift basket with their favorite treats in it. You can fill the baskets with sweet treats, nuts, ready-to-eat meals (for those uber-busy days), their favorite spices in cute jars, champagne bottles, etc.

3. Board games

If you are planning to buy a gift for someone who loves to host parties now and then, get them some board games, card games, karaoke machines (if budget is not an issue), etc., so that they can make good use of them while entertaining guests.

4. Cooking tools

If your friend loves to cook or bake, surprise them with cooking or baking tools. You can even give them cookbooks, decorative items, and so on to help them make new cuisines and decorate their dishes. They will love this New Year gift.

Top Tip: Do browse through the recipes once before buying a cookbook. If several recipes are ones that they have already made, it would be best to pick another one. Otherwise, the cookbook will only serve as a decor on the countertop.

5. Tea/coffee set 

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Is your family member a tea or coffee addict? If yes, then give them assorted tea bag collections or coffee pods. You can customize the box with their initials to add a personal touch. Nothing feels more fancy than pulling out a tea bag from a box with your name on it!

6. Gift cards

If you are not confident about shopping for gifts, play it safe by giving gift cards or vouchers to your loved ones instead. Give them an Amazon gift card or any retail outlet of their choice. This will allow them to buy gifts as per their choice and needs. If you are gifting a fellow mom, you can purchase gift cards from your favorite website, and she will be forever grateful for the recommendation.

7. Handmade gifts 

Nothing says “you are special” like handmade gifts. So, if you are creative and have the time in hand, make some adorable gifts for your loved ones. You can bake cookies, make scented candles, gift some paintings, homemade potteries, etc., per your skill.

8. Bookends 

Bookends will also make a perfect New Year gift for all your book-loving friends and family. There are plenty of options available in the market as well as online. So make sure you research the design and material well before finalizing the one. 

9. Wine accessories 

Gift your friend some stylish wine accessories to amp up their bar decor. You can even get a wine accessory storage case equipped with all the necessary tools to pour the perfect glass. Plus, you can get the storage case personalized to make the gift extra special. 

10. Home decor items

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You can never go wrong with home decor items, as the choices are endless. The options are plenty, from table linen to showpieces, vintage wall clocks, wall paintings, and wall plates. So, depending on their decor taste and theme, pick the one that will best complement their home. 

If you have yet to decide on a New Year gift for your family and friends, choose one from this list as per your budget.

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