Mom’s Brilliant Co-parenting Calendar Hack Goes Viral On TikTok

Even if you and your ex are on good terms, managing a co-parenting schedule can be hard on the whole family, especially the kids. Two homes involves juggling a calendar that may or may not be predictable, and this can cause anxiety for all involved. Thankfully, one TikTok mom shared a brilliant co-parenting calendar hack that makes it easy for kids to follow. It was so useful to parents that it went viral.

Kinsey Morlang, mom to Dylann, 5 and Killian, 2, said she needed to come up with an easy way for her young ones to figure out when they were switching houses. And since she took into account that Dylann is a visual learner, she immediately thought of color coding.


Morlang used a white board calendar and assigned a color (blue and black) for each house. The colors change when Dylann will be staying with her mom or dad and red dots indicate the days she will wake up in one house and then head to the other house.

@skywalkeraa16_18Co-parenting visual calendar for your kiddo if they live in two households. This has been a huge at our house! #coparenting #tipsandtricks #calendar♬ original sound – Kinsey M

“If you’re co-parenting right now, I have a little trick that might help with your kiddo’s transitions,” Kinsey says as she demonstrates how the calendar they use at home works.

Kinsey says the biggest benefit of this calendar with the dual colors and dots gives their daughter the ability to check the calendar and know her schedule. Looking at this, Dylann can see for herself when she’s going to see dad next, which can help her feel some sense of control over the transition days.

It’s really pretty genius, actually. And with close to 40,000 likes so far, it’s safe to say her organizational calendar hack has really resonated with parents who may be co-parenting themselves.

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