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Toddler And Her Zombie Baby Dolls Go Viral On TikTok

Barbie dolls? Not so fast. Two-year-old Parker Eckstein from Toronto only has eyes for her creepy zombie dolls, Dolly and Sissy.  The toddler has now gone viral on TikTok after her mother, Kourtni Eckstein, posted videos of the youngster “brunching with Dolly, singing her to sleep and pushing her in a swing” (via TODAY). Parker also insists Dolly be buckled up when they go on car trips. Safety first.

It All Started With A Trip To Walmart

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According to mom, Parker first set eyes on Dolly during a trip to Walmart’s Halloween section. “I turned around and Parker was standing there with this creepy doll and she wouldn’t put it down,” Kourtni explained. “I was like, ‘Whatever. I’ll buy it for her. She’ll get over it in a day.'” SPOILER: Parker did not get over it in a day.

Dolly instantly became Parker’s BFF and constant travel companion. “Parker loves her Disney princess dolls, but they never leave the house. She takes Dolly everywhere,” Kourtni continued. “Some people think it’s prompted, but trust me, you can’t get a toddler to do something they don’t want to do.”

“Humans Are Not Born To Hate”

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It didn’t take long for Parker to let her mom know that Dolly needed a sister. The sister you may ask? Sissy, another zombie doll. “I love the fact that Parker doesn’t think there’s anything scary about Dolly and Sissy. The differences don’t scare her,” Kourtni explained. “I think her love for her dolls just shows that humans are not born to hate; hate is something that is taught.”

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