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Funny Dad’s Photoshopped Images Of His Baby Go Viral

If there’s one thing that’s universally funny (and groan-worthy) in this world it’s dad jokes. Kenny Deuss of Belgium knows that better than most after going viral for photoshopping his daughter Alix, with girlfriend, Tineke Vanobbergen into hilarious (and sometimes dangerous) scenarios when mom texts asking for updates (via Parents).

Deuss treats his over 300K of such scenarios over at @oneadventurewithdad written jokingly in Alix’s voice. Brace yourselves for the hilarity about that’s about to ensue – these photoshopped images will become your new favorite thing to view.


Is Any Dad Joke Complete Without A Star Wars Reference?

“Today was a perfect day for a little walk,” Deuss wrote of this photo of he and Alix walking along side a Hoth Battle Walker. Stars Wars fans know this might not be an ideal situation.

Thanks For Nothing, Dad

“I hate these rainy days,” the caption reads. “Dad came prepared. I didn’t.” A little help would be nice!

Tool Time!

“I’m helping mom and dad in the kitchen today,” the caption reads. How’s your panic attack going? Ours not so well.

Alfred Hitchcock Has Nothing On This Dad

“We spend two days at the Belgian coastline. Apparently there are a couple of aggressive seagulls there. If someone finds their nest with Aster in it, please let me know,” the hilarious caption reads. The dad really should have brought some chips.

Kick Flipping Mom’s Nerves

“My dad and I went skateboarding today!” the caption reads. We assume mom and Tony Hawk would not approve.

Thanksgiving: Dad Style

“I love cooking with my dad. Happy Thanksgiving to our US friends,” reads the caption. We would have preferred takeout.

Views With Dad

“You don’t need much to enjoy the view. Dad is alway on the look out for all the dangers in the streets,” the funny caption reads. We hope there is a bouncy house just out view.

“She Quickly Realized It Was A Joke”

As expected, Deuss is bit of a prankster. “I like to make subtle jokes and pranking my girlfriend this way was a no-brainer for me,” he told Today. However, his mom took a little convincing. “At first she reacted with confusion, because she couldn’t comprehend what happened in the photoshopped images,” he added. “But she quickly realized it was a joke.”

May Dad Jokes reign forever.

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