Mom Used Nerf Gun to Keep Husband Awake After Birth of Child

As a mom of three kids – that’s three different stints in the maternity ward at the hospital – I found myself in tears from laughing at Samantha Mravik-Miller’s viral Facebook post in which she confessed to packing and using a Nerf gun to shoot foam bullets at her husband to get him to wake up when she was up nursing in the baby in the middle of the night.

Talk about a brilliant mom!


One would think that a hospital would be the perfect place to rest and heal after giving birth but the truth is that if the baby is waking you up for feedings or needing to be changed or just snuggled then it’s the nurses waking you up to check your vitals, play with tubes, and administer meds among other important tasks. New moms absolutely don’t get well-rested in the hospital, so why should dad?

The post is catching a ton of attention for it’s sheer cleverness and reliability. How many times have you been up in the middle of the night to help your baby or toddler and found yourself annoyed by how blissfully asleep your husband was? Yup, it’s a universal kind of resentment that mothers everywhere understand.

During my own hospital stay with my first child, my husband slept through a number of middle of the night feedings and honestly, I didn’t mind so much. But with baby number two and then number three, I definitely felt a sense of resentment and so we agreed that if I was forced to be awake that so would he.

Too bad I hadn’t thought to use a Nerf gun, though, because that would have been more fun. So, mamas, the next time you find yourself packing a bag for the hospital don’t forget to grab a Nerf gun. You might not have to use it but hey, it sure will make for a fun night if your man falls asleep.

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