Brilliant Mom Finds Ultimate Hiding Place for Her Candy Stash

If you’ve ever tried to figure out how to hide Halloween candy with kids around then you’re not alone. It’s like an annual challenge for parents everywhere, which is why the Internet is cracking up at one brilliant mom who cracked the mystery on how to keep little goblin fingers out of her stash. She hit it in a bag of frozen vegetables.

In the Facebook post that has been shared more than 60K times, Maynard Rose writes, “LET’S SEE THE KIDS FIND THIS STASH” and shows a hilarious image of her bag of chocolates and candy stored inside a plastic frozen veggies bag. No kid will go looking for candy in the same place where mom stores her lima beans and peas.


If hiding candy isn’t your thing, though, here are a few popular ways to deal with the influx of Halloween sweets about to flood the homes of families everywhere.

The Switch Witch

Some parents really abhor candy and the aftermath of a sugar high in their kids. Enter the Switch Witch, a fun way to get rid of candy quickly without upsetting your kids. Think of this as the Tooth Fairy in orange and black. Basically, your kids put out their candy and when they go to sleep, the Switch Witch arrives and trades the candy for a coveted toy.

The Candy Hour

This is a popular option at my house. My kids are given one hour to eat all the candy they want. We set a kitchen timer and tell them they can eat only one piece at a time and when the buzzer goes off, they have to throw the remaining candy in a bag and I donate that candy to a local charity.

A Few Pieces Now

Some parents don’t mind the Halloween candy piles as long as their kids only eat a few pieces at a time to prevent that dreaded jacked up energy quickly followed by a sugar crash.

Whatever way to plan to deal with all the candy, take a page from Maynard Rose’s handbook of life and hide some of the good stuff for yourself. You’ve earned it!

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