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This DIY Halloween Candy Slide Is Perfect for Socially Distanced Trick-Or-Treating

If the prospect of trick or treating in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic is making you nervous, know that you aren’t alone. But do we really have to cancel Halloween altogether? Finding ways to keep celebrating traditions can help us maintain a sense of normalcy and even comfort —and that includes Halloween.

Sure, you can still decorate your house, carve a pumpkin and watch ‘Hocus Pocus’ with the family. And we’ve even seen plenty of trunk or treating ideas popping up. But going trick or treating is pretty unlikely to happen in most places. Fortunately, some quick-thinking folks have already come up with a way to dole out the sweets without compromising safety. Enter the candy slide.

The team over at YouTube channel Wicked Makers have crafted a super cool, and kind of spooky, Halloween candy slide that allows trick-or-treaters to collect their goodies without hand-to-hand contact.

Jaimie and Jay brilliantly make the candy slide—which you can DIY by watching this video—using PVC pipes, connectors, a hot glue gun, a hacksaw, scissors, and Halloween decor. They used a hacksaw to cut through all the pipes to make each one the perfect size. After they’ve got their foundation in place, they show you how they decorated it. However, if skulls aren’t your thing, feel free to put your spooky or not-so-spooky spin on your slide. Once it’s ready, you simply slide candy down to little ghosts and goblins at the bottom. The slide measures six feet, but you can always make it longer for extra protection.

The Wicked Makers provide a ton of other great DIY ideas for how to create awesome Halloween decorations for your home. They’ve made videos ranging from how to make incredible graveyards for your front yard, to your own spooky looking life size mummy. They even have a video which shows how to create those faux fireflies found in Disneyland’s Pirates of the Caribbean attraction. If Halloween festivities are still happening in your neighborhood this year, then you might want to check out the Wicked Makers channel and start taking notes.

Happy Halloween!

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