Revisting New Years Resolutions

The Importance of Revisiting Goals

Mapping out goals is easy; following through on the pursuit of them is another thing entirely. Just as I love to clear off my desk and start the week with a fresh work area, I love heading into a new season (no matter which one), with fresh ideas and inspiration. However, just like my desk that begins to collect bills, receipts, and heaps of paperwork, goals, too, can quickly be forgotten if I don’t “clean house” from time to time.

How Do I Stick with my Resolutions?

Be honest with yourself. If one of your goals is to lose weight, be honest about your eating and exercise routine. Adjust your nutrition agenda as necessary, and increase your exercise time if only by five minutes daily. If you make the goal to stop smoking, find a” buddy”  to join you in that goal or perhaps enlist moral support from a friend you know who has already successfully quit smoking.

Revisiting New Year's Resolutions- No smoking

Enlist help from friends and family to maintain your resolutions.

No one gives me better accountability than my nine-year-old. My husband and I call her “the elephant” because she never forgets a promise or pledge, particularly where health is concerned. If I ask her to keep me accountable to getting into the pool in the afternoon while she is swimming on her swim team, she won’t let me out of the workout—no matter hold cold the air is that day!

Be willing to to adjust your expectations as you go along.

If you find that your original expectations have exceeded realistic parameters, be willing to do some fine tuning and make some adjustments as you move along and proceed towards your goal.  Your initial enthusiasm is great because it helped to propel you into motion with making positive changes. However, don’t be afraid if your timeline or approach changes as the ultimate goal evolves.

Streamline as much as possible whenever possible.

If some of your resolutions were to become more organized, exercise more, and get more sleep each week, try thinking of these as one coherent goal, rather than individual items. After all, the more organized you are, chances are you will budget your time better to find more time for exercise and sleep.

Devise a system to keep yourself accountable. 

For me, I like to choose timeline increments, like six weeks, six months, and sixteen months. Most goals I have set for myself can be reasonably accomplished within sixteen months, but six weeks allows me to see what kind of start I am off to, and six months is a checkpoint, as well. Choose increments of time that work for you.

Don’t forget your purpose.

All goals are made with a purpose (improved health, increased time spent with family, additional finances). Revisiting yours from time to time will rekindle what that purpose is and often reignite the fire to pursue them.

How successful have you been in sticking to your resolutions so far this year? Share with us what has helped you keep your resolutions and you just might inspire another mom to keep moving towards her own goal?

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