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11 New Year’s Eve Traditions Kids Will Love

With 2023 coming to an end, your entire family must be excited to welcome the new year. You must be planning get-togethers to spend quality time with your loved ones. How about starting a family tradition on New Year’s Eve where everybody can participate every single year? It will be your family’s special little thing, making welcoming a new year more memorable for your kids. If you are wondering what New Year’s Eve traditions kids will love, here are some interesting ones that they will participate in actively.

1. Fun family interview

Family interviews are a fun way to learn how well you understand each other, and who knows, you might get to know a secret or two about your family member! It will be a fun New Year’s Eve tradition in every way for years to come.

Ask your kids to prepare ten fun questions for everyone and then interview the whole family. Record the interview, and watch it whenever you wish to reminisce. Kids will love to play the role of interviewer and will look forward to it every year.

2. Show gratitude

Irrespective of how bad last year was, there must have been some good moments, or you must have met someone who went out of their way to help you and your family. So, ask your kids to write down about them and thank them. Make it a New Year’s Eve tradition to practice gratitude with your kids. This will help them see the good in the bad.

3. Set goals

Let your kids set some goals for themselves every year. Be it about learning a new language, a new art form, or simply learning how to cook, let them decide what new skill they want to learn in the upcoming year. Ask them to write about their goals on a paper and stick it to their vision board to keep them motivated.

4. Letter to my future self

This could be an enjoyable New Year’s Eve tradition for you and your little ones. Write a letter to your future self about what you hope for in the next year. Kids can write about school, their friends, or even the dreams they wish will come true in the upcoming year.

5. Photo booth

Set up a photo booth at home, with all their toys and clothes from the year making an appearance so your kids can remember them forever. When the shoot is all done, print the photos and paste them on a scrapbook that will serve as the photo album of the year.

6. Fill in a ‘What A Year’ sheet

Print out a ‘What A Year’ template from online or make one and have the kids fill it in. You can add questions like their favorite memory, new friends they made, their favorite holiday destination of the year, etc.

7. Family ‘drawing’ portrait

This New Year’s Eve tradition is a must! No matter what your child’s age is, ask them to draw themselves or a portrait of the family members. If not this, ask your kids to draw things that matter the most to them (and fingers crossed you are one of them…because sometimes their toys can rank above us). Keep their pictures safe in a folder so you can add to it each year.

8. Fancy pants dinner

Remember the pre-kids days when New Year’s Eve was equal parts food and wine? Well, this year, get the kids to set the menu for the night and seek their help to make an excellent dinner for the whole family. To elevate the ambiance, put on some music, dance along, or watch a movie post-dinner as a part of the New Year’s Eve tradition.

9. Play dress-up

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Little ones love to play dress-up, so why not make it your New Year’s Eve tradition? You can choose a theme and have the whole family dress up for the night. For added fun, decide on a theme based on your family goals for the year, like a travel destination, attending a concert, etc.

10. Play board games

If you want to keep the New Year’s Eve tradition simple yet fun, take out those board games stacked up in the cupboard (or maybe the ones you were gifted this Christmas) and spend the night away playing board games.

11. Plan a family hike

If you and your kids love hiking, why not plan one a day before the new year? Hiking might not be easy with toddlers, so walk as far as possible, spend time there, click pictures, and return. If not, spend quality time with the kids at a nearby park.

So, which New Year’s Eve family tradition will you follow as 2023 draws to an end? Do let us know in the comment section below.

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