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Ways To Define Your Fitness Goals for a Healthy New Year

The first few days of the year is the perfect time to set new fitness goals for your physical and mental wellness. If you haven’t already, hit refresh on your workout routine and set yourself some achievable goals for an uber-healthy 2024.

If you couldn’t complete last year’s resolutions, you can reuse your 2023 resolutions and try to keep at it till the end of this year. While many give up on fitness goals quite easily, there are ways to make sure you stick to them until you make a habit out of them. Here are some handy tips that might be useful in achieving stellar results by the end of 2024.

1. Set realistic and measurable goals

Always set realistic goals with your limitations in mind. There is no point in setting goals that are next to impossible to achieve. Also, remember that you have little ones to take care of, so your fitness goals might look very different from your girlfriends’ (especially those who don’t have kids to take care of). So, start small and ensure the goals are achievable with a workout routine that fits into your busy mommy schedule.

Also, keep measurable fitness goals for a healthy new year. When goals are vague, it is hard to track them, which is when most feel discouraged to continue. So set measurable goals, track your progress, fine-tune your path, and celebrate the occasion when you achieve it.

2. Hold yourself accountable

Accountability is the key to achieving those New Year’s resolutions one after the other. The first step in accountability is telling other people your goals. Make it public by posting it on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter, or inform your loved ones privately. The more people you tell, the more likely you will follow through with it – you just have to! Not only will you feel obligated, but more importantly, you will have a support team that is excited for you to reach your goal.

You can even have a workout partner or a healthy food potluck group that meets and shares recipes and dishes for the week’s lunches to keep you on track. Alternatively, promise a friend you will pay them fifty dollars for every time you eat items you are trying to cut down on or put ten dollars in a jar every time you skip your fitness regime due to laziness.

Also, please ensure you fuel your body adequately, as dieting while caring for little humans is not recommended. With all the running around one has to do, maintaining a healthy diet is essential.

3. Know what your bottom line is

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Draw a clear picture for yourself, create a plan, have milestones to measure your success, and share your goals and successes with those in your life. They will help you through the bad days and congratulate you on your good days.

However, know when to draw the line. If you are sick or haven’t slept properly, go easy in your workouts for that day. If you spend a lot of time playing outside with your kids, you can dial down your workout routine since you get plenty of exercise while playing with the little ones.

4. Make the process fun

Just don’t focus on the results of your fitness goals; focus on the process as well. The mundane routine will make you lose your interest quite quickly. So, make each day of your workout routine or fitness regime fun and something you will look forward to when you wake up.

For instance, eating the same dish, thanks to a diet, is boring. Instead, try to know the nutritional values (approximately) you should consume daily, then try to hit those numbers by altering the recipes of your favorite dishes. Flexible dieting will make your fitness journey more enjoyable and satisfying. Similarly, change your exercise routine every couple of days to keep you motivated.

Make fitness goals that suit your daily routine and are convenient for you. There is no rush; take one small step at a time and have a healthy, happy new year.

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