Our Top Picks for Winter Exercise Items

It’s that time of year when many of us are forced to move our training indoors, or brace for the winter freeze. Take a look at some ideas for exercise items that will help keep the damp weather from putting a damper on your workout.


Here are our top winter exercise items for helping keep you in top shape until the spring thaw.

Indoor Bike Trainer

A bike trainer is an excellent indoor exercise option for those who live in cold climates, as well as those of us who don’t care to bike in the dark on winter’s shorter days. Your regular ride attaches to the trainer’s frame, while the front wheel is propped in a stable position, and the rear wheel spins on an adjustable roller. Trainers vary widely in price, usually $150 to $2,500, and options: magnetic, wind, or fluid. Wind trainers tend to be noisy, while fluid trainers are the best, but most expensive. Magnetic trainers fall in the middle with price and performance. Our favorite trainer is the CycleOps Magneto.

GPS-Enabled Fitness Watch

A GPS-enabled watch is an exercise enthusiast’s best friend. Next to a good pair of running shoes, a GPS watch should be counted a highly valuable training tool, as well as a motivator. Our favorite is the Garmin series. Track your miles, pace, and calories burned, and then enter the data into your computer to log your progress. Compete against the virtual partner, or your previous best workout times, and watch the miles fly by during your workout. Several models to choose from, depending on how many options you desire. 

Warm Gloves

Don’t let cold hands give you cold feet about heading outdoors. Happy hands are warm hands. Our favorite pick are the Nike lightweight women’s running gloves. With Dri-FIT technology, these gloves keep your hands dry. Lightweight and breathable, but warm enough to get the job done, versatile gloves allow you to get out and “just do it”. 

Safety Light

This is a necessity if you plan to continue exercising outdoors in limited winter light. For as little as $10, make yourself more visible in dark evenings or early mornings on a shared road by clipping this small light to your clothing. We like the Fun Source 180 Pro Safety Light.

Ear Warmers

Nothing is worse than frozen ears when walking the kids to school, or running around the neighborhood. We like Nike Therma-FIT Running Headband. Soft and snug for comfort, cozy and warm for insulation. 

Warm Training Pants

When heading outdoors, pull on a great pair of tights. Adidas M10 Training Pants help wick sweat with their Climalite protection, while keeping you warm. Help prevent injury by protecting muscles from the elements.

Arm Warmers

For any outdoor activity on a chilly day, arms warmers are the perfect piece for layering, or if you want to skip an outer shell. Easy to peel as you warm up, and small and lightweight to carry while finishing your course. We like the arm warmers Run Girl Run offers, complete with a pocket to hold your ipod.

Wii Workout

If you just can’t find the motivation to go out in the snow, there’s always the Wii Active Personal Trainer to keep you moving indoors.

Whatever your favorite workout, don’t allow the seasons to completely dictate it. Modify it or layer for it, but keep your workout going all winter long with gear that helps keep you motivated, even if it is cold outside.