How to Style a Lob or Long Bob (Photos)

The “lob” or long bob is the hottest trend hitting runways, magazines, and the streets this year. More importantly, it’s a super-low maintenance style. You can let it grow out for a while before going in to the salon for a cut, and it still looks great (unlike bobs, which are harder to maintain). It’s fresh and sassy, yet still beyond practical. It’s perfect in every version, too. You can wear it in a shorter version that hits just above the shoulders or a little longer below the shoulders. The anatomy of this fresh cut is blended edges and layers that make for the perfect “cool girl” haircut. Whether you decide to wear your lob straight or in a messy, textured look, you can’t go wrong.

Below are the tips and tricks from the pros on how to style a lob with a sexy, piecey look. And check out this slideshow with fifteen awesome lob styling inspirations, too.




Step 1: Prep hair with heat resistant spray, dry shampoo, and hairspray all over and into hair. If hair is freshly washed, I like to use a hair wax over each section to help dirty hair and give everything grit. Then section off to begin curling.

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clipped up hair

 Step 2: In 2 inch sections, wrap hair around a 1½ inch curling iron, leaving ends out. You can also use a wand-style curling iron.

curling iron dark hair

Step 3: Continue up hair, breaking into sections and working upward. Continue adding dry shampoo at roots before curling.

ombre hair long bob

Step 4: Every other hair section, switch from the 1½ inch iron to the 2 inch iron for added texture and movement. Curl in the same style, wrapping hair around the iron and leaving the ends out.

large barrel curling iron

Step 5: Again, alternating irons and directions, mix up the curls to create interest. The idea is to create an imperfect, carefree look.

curling iron ombre hair

Step 6: Once all of your hair is curled, use your hands to shake out your hair to break up and blend the curls.

mussing curls

Step 7: Muss up hair using some more wax by scrunching with hands and breaking up small sections and twirling them around your fingers for definition.

scrunching hair long bob

Step 8: To add even more of a “lived in ” feel…take small sections and wrap each section around your finger. Holding your hair at the bottom, pull hair toward your head to create a slightly tangled look and help create volume in the back.

twirling hair texture

Voila! The beauty of this look is that the longer you wear it the better and more lived in the style looks. This cut is perfect for all face shapes and is easily pulled back into a messy pony.

styled long bob messy

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