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How to Achieve the Trendy “Glass Hair” Look

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Summer will be here before we know it – and while we welcome the warmer weather, most of us don’t look forward to the frizzy hair that is often a result of it. Enter the glass hair trend that has taken the beauty world by storm. The trend is exactly what it sounds like: hair that’s so shiny and sharp it looks like a piece of, well, glass. This trend is easy-to-wear because it complements any age and busy lifestyle. Often cut into short blunt crops with razor-sharp ends and styled with a bold center part, the glassy finish can be achieved at any length. But most of us weren’t born with naturally-occurring shiny, sleek hair — and if it seems like achieving the glass hair trend at home would require a lot of work, well, at first it may be but after a few tries it can become effortless.

Want to achieve the glass hair trend at home? Follow these simple steps below:



  • Smoothing Spray
  • Blow Dryer with nozzle
  • Large Bristle Brush
  • Flat Iron
  • Dry Oil Spray
  • Anti-Humidity Spray
  • Shine Inducing Hairspray and a toothbrush


  1. When washing your hair opt for sulfate free-shampoo so no residue is left on the hair to weigh it down or make it look dull.
  2. Before drying, use an anti-humidity spray to keep frizz at bay and a smoothing spray to keep prep for sleekness.
  3. Next, focus on smoothing down the cuticle with your blow dryer. You want REALLY flat hair. Point the nozzle down the hair shaft (avoid blowing upwards) to avoid roughing up your stands. Blow dry in sections using a large bristle brush.
  4. Use a flat iron if necessary (and only sparingly) as you don’t want to dry out the hair or have any creases from the iron.
  5. Smooth out strays and baby hairs with shine-inducing hairspray and a toothbrush. Use a light dry oil spray to further set shine.

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