18 Gorgeous, No-Heat Hairstyle Hacks for Summer

As a mom, mornings are complicated. Gone are the days when I could spend the better part of an hour blowing out and straightening or curling my tresses to perfection. But I still like to look cute whether we’re headed to a playdate, on errands, or just out for some plain old family fun. In the summer, I prefer to ditch the heat styling tools as a time-saver and also because my hair is already up against enough drying agents from the sun and salt water.

Avoiding heat doesn’t mean mom-hair can’t still be fun and stylish. Back in my beauty editor days I did a lot more with tools, but my hair is healthier and arguably prettier now!


Want to create a no-hear hairstyle for yourself? From the perfectly messy bun to DIY overnight ringlets and braids even a beginner can tackle, here are some of my favorite heat-free styles for moms.

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