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Adorable Summer Shoes For Toddlers That AREN’T Crocs

In my house, I declared this summer a sock-free summer. I’m that mom that can’t find or keep socks, no matter what I do. So, the declaration was part intentional, but also out of necessity because I literally can’t find any socks. Who has time to look for socks when kids are literally running out the door to play? Plus, with the pool being our favorite summer destination, sandals are just easier to slip on and are ok when wet. I love living a sock-free summer; however, no socks with traditional tennis shoes can be a major stink hazard. I’ve smelled my boy’s shoes when they don’t wear socks, and it is not a pretty smell. It’s foul.

Luckily, there are so many comfy and good-looking options online and in stores for all those tiny feet running on the dirt, grass, water, sand and concrete this summer. And, most of these summer shoes for toddlers can be worn without socks.

No longer are we living in the days of Crocs being the only practical and stink-free shoe option in our kid’s closets. Crocs were a genius idea, and the brand has certainly expanded and updated their line, but there’s no denying how ugly the initial options were. Yes, I’ve owned a pair, and so have my children. Haven’t we all buckled under the pressure of just wanting to be comfortable in a microbial, functional and affordable shoe?

Since kids’ feet seem to outgrow a new pair of shoes the minute they try them on, I’ve rounded up lots of options for summer shoes for toddlers (that aren’t Crocs) you can buy now, and months from now for your little ones.

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