Cute & Functional Toddler Underwear

Cute toddler underwear is one of those mom expenditures that no one minds making. First of all, they’re a heck of a lot cheaper than diapers, and purchasing them marks a big developmental milestone for your little ones.

Toddler undies need to be functional for little learning humans, but they’ve also got to be cute or your kiddo will just flat-out refuse them. I was honestly shocked to discover that my daughter at age three had such a strong preference in her underwear, aside from what characters were on them. She prefers thicker cotton because it’s more “cozy,” while my now two-year-old likes to wear whatever feels closest to nothing. Go figure!

Shopping for cute and functional toddler underwear does not need to mean you’re going in blind. Check out this roundup of some of my (and my kids!) favorites, and let us know in the comments where else you like to find yours.

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