A Workout Routine You Can Do While Wearing Your Baby Carrier (It Will Help Baby Stop Crying!)

We’ve all been an inch from going absolutely bonkers when our little one won’t stop crying. They’re fed; they’re changed; they’ve slept and yet they’re crying and crying and crying. It’s a quick road to crazy-town for us parents in those situations. For me almost always, in these cases, putting on a baby carrier helps. It takes a minute or so, but it works to calm a baby – they key is, at least at first, to move. Don’t just put it on and stand saying “shhhhhh.” Baby will usually fall asleep rather quickly or at least calm down if you move around whatever space you find yourself in.

Often, to help keep my sanity, I combine this moving with a workout – as crazy as it sounds. It squeezes in workout time seamlessly, helps get the endorphins running and pretty much always does the trick to help baby stop crying and me from going nuts!

To get insight into the kind of workout moves we can safely do while wearing a baby carrier I turned to lead P.volve instructor, Alexia Acebo.

But first, let’s talk fashion.

Acebo is wearing Koral leggings and APL slides. As someone who has written about health and wellness as well as fashion for over a decade, I can safely say these are the two best athleisure brands – period. I can’t think of a mom I know who wouldn’t be happy to live every day in these two brands! They work for all-day wear, which is amazing for when you need to slip in a workout whenever and wherever you can. In our shoot, Acebo is wearing APL’s Lusso slides (these do take a little bit of “breaking in” but once you do they are soooo comfortable and unlike most other slides, they feel supportive) and leggings from Koral’s holiday collection.

Both brands are having major sales for the holidays.

baby carrier


  • Nov 23: 35% off sitewide + 45% off outerwear
  • Nov 24: 35% off sitewide + 45% off all tops
  • Nov 25: 35% off sitewide + 45% off all sports bras (THANKSGIVING)
  • Nov 26: 35% off sitewide + 45% off all leggings (BLACK FRIDAY)
  • Nov 27–28: 35% off sitewide
  • Nov 29-30: 40% off sitewide (CYBER MONDAY + Tuesday following)


  • APL is giving away a free $60 value lux logo 3-sock gift pack with every pair of shoes purchased
  • The APL Lusso Slides are one of Oprah’s Favorite Things. APL is celebrating by giving 20% off every pair now with the code: OPRAH

baby carrier

As for the baby clothes, the little shoes you see peeking out are from L’ovedbaby. Babies don’t need shoes until they are outside walking. In fact, it’s better for them to not wear shoes when they are very young, but it’s winter and going barefoot isn’t feasible all the time. So, when heading out to friends/family little booties like these are both functional and adorable.

The outfit baby is wearing is Moon and Back by Hanna Andersson, a brand that is the result of a collab between cult children’s wear brand Hanna Andersson and Amazon. It’s a bit hard to see the outfit given that baby is in a carrier, but trust that it’s super cute and lives up to Hanna Andersson’s reputation for quality and comfort (and the pieces withstand lots of washing and drying). Plus, given that it’s a collab with Amazon you can expect great holiday discounts.

As for the hat – it’s OG Hanna Andersson! And on sale now. See below for the brand’s other upcoming promos.

  • November 11th-20th: Up to 40% off all Pajamas + Up to 40% off Kids’ Apparel
  • November 21st-27th: Pajamas from $29 + Baby Sleepers from $25 + Up to 40% off Everything Else
  • November 28th-29th: Up to 50% off Everything

Now on to our workout.

Keep reading for our look at the best workout moves you can do while wearing a baby carrier.  

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