I Tried ‘All’ The Baby Carriers And These Are The Best

I didn’t think I would use a baby carrier. I run a ton of errands every day, so I figured I’d be using a stroller most of the time and loading all my stuff on it. Then I had a baby and realized I was thinking about it all wrong. A carrier isn’t meant to replace a stroller when you’re out and about for hours… it serves totally different purposes!

First, holding a baby for HOURS is exhausting. Not only mentally, but my body got aches and pains all over. Six weeks in, I was walking as though I was 100 years old. I literally Googled “can you have full-body arthritis” because I couldn’t believe that as someone who has worked out pretty much every day of her life for the last two decades I was in so much pain from holding a baby! A baby carrier will help with that.


Next, it’s very hard to work holding a baby. Typing in one hand is not efficient! Also, bear in mind that a stroller with a bassinet is not practical to get into a car. It’s much easier to use a carrier to get baby to a car seat. And that’s not the end. Have you heard of baby-wearing workout classes or baby-wearing dance classes? They’re a thing and so fun for both parent and child!

Lastly, and most importantly, when a baby is crying and crying and he or she shows no imminent sign of stopping – a baby carrier will often get them to stop. It doesn’t work for every child, but most after a minute or so will settle in the carrier and even fall asleep.

For all these reasons I now tell all expecting parents that baby carriers are a “must,” and if you’re having a child with a partner I highly recommend each of you getting your own carrier. No matter which carrier you opt for, you’ll need to fit it to your body. Once it’s fitted to your body, you just clip baby in. The fitting process takes a few minutes – when baby is screaming bloody murder, you don’t have a few minutes to spare, which is why having a carrier just for you is helpful. Clipping baby in should take just a few seconds and the crying will hopefully quickly stop. If  you opt for a wrap, which are practical when it’s very warm, there’s no need to get two because you’ll have to do the fitting process no matter what every time, which is why I never loved using a wrap.

Read on to learn more about some of the best baby carriers.

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