dude ranches
Image: Tanque Verde Ranch

The 8 Best Dude Ranches For Family Vacations

Looking to get away with the family to location other than the beach or city? You’re not alone. Families across the country are reaching retro and checking into dude ranches where they can relax, reconnect with their kids, and enjoy wholesome, entertaining traditions far away from the pressures of home.

Dude ranching isn’t just about shlepping buckets of water or sweeping out stalls, like you might picture when you hear the term. These wide-open, long-standing, beautiful destination vacations offer lots of outdoor activities the whole family can enjoy including horseback riding, fly fishing, rafting, and hikes. Nighttime entertainment at dude ranches include everything from cookouts to line dancing and they can even be a hit with the most jaded ‘tweens and overworked parents.


Whether this is a new concept to your family, or a tradition you’ve been considering for a while, dude ranching on your next family vacation is a great way to reset. The memories are there for the making; all you have to do is book it and arrive. Here are the best dude ranches to try and why we love them:

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