The Best-Ever Celebrity Mom Selfies

Beyoncé does it. So does Jennifer LopezKim Kardashian does it so much, she wrote a book about it. We’re talking about selfies, aren’t you? Sure, you don’t have to be famous to take one, but isn’t it just a little more fun to see how the glamorous set choose to point-and-click themselves?

No matter how busy their powerhouse lives get, these celebrity moms still find time to turn their cameras on themselves and pose for some hilarious, adorable, and downright sexy selfies. Whether you are lusting after Kate Hudson’s hat, or wishing you were part of the selfie Mariah Carey took with Lady Gaga, you’ll love getting an up-close and personal look at the celebrity moms who are selfie-obsessed (and whose selfies we’re obsessed with, too)!

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