Best Celebrity Baby Gender Reveals on Instagram

The latest pregnancy trend in Hollywood: Celebrity baby gender reveals on Instagram! All over the world, couples are thinking up the best way to share their news with friends and family (everything from colored cakes to balloon launches and paint fights), but for celebrities, one of the best ways to spread the word fast is to share the big news on social media.

Kelly Clarkson showed an adorable picture of her daughter, River Rose, along with a baby #2 gender reveal (BTW, it’s a boy!); fashionista Kristin Cavallari chose to highlight a pink pair of baby Converse in a simple black-and-white white pic of her and her husband; and Gwen Stefani made it clear that she would still be the queen of the household with her Instagram gender announcement. Check out our list of celebrity gender reveals and find out who chose to share their awesome pink or blue baby news on Instagram.

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