5 Unique DIY Area Rug Ideas

5 different colorful homemade rugs

If you can't find the perfect rug to fit your space, unleash your creativity and make a custom one to fit your space, life and budget perfectly.

No need to settle for something that isn't right.  As you can see here, the homeowners who created these set no limitations to the materials that can be used to make their rugs fun, functional, and unique to their style and personality.

5 Unique DIY Area Rug Ideas

Plywood makes a great area rug for a home office that has wall to wall carpeting. To save the rug from getting worn out from a wheeled office chair, paint a design on a piece of plywood.  Protect the surface with a few coats of polyurethane.  Sheets of plywood come in various sizes.  If you don't have a saw, most home improvements stores will cut the plywood to the size you need – so have your measurements with you when you go to buy it.  Sugar Bee Crafts

5 Unique DIY Area Rug Ideas

This rug started out as a display, but the designer had so many requests for how to make it that they wrote the directions for anyone to do. It has a base of cut cardboard and the rope is glued on in many different ways.  Curbly

5 Unique DIY Area Rug Ideas

I am sure you have seen foam mats in tire stores or that are made for kid's rooms that piece together like a jigsaw puzzle so you can create the size you need.  Take it one step further and paint a design you love on the mats. This homeowner made one large design, but you could create a mix and match rug, by painting each mat a different color or design.    Sarah.Wandering

5 Unique DIY Area Rug Ideas

This may take some time to make, but this is one very unique rug that would look perfect in a home library or office. It is made using the spines of old books salvaged and found inexpensively at thrift stores.
Recycl Art

5 Unique DIY Area Rug Ideas

Block print an existing rug or piece of canvas with a rubber doormat (the kind that has ornate designs cut out) and paint.  Use the rubber doormat as a stamp to make impressions on the rug.  Apartment Therapy


pink quatrefoil rug on a wooden floor

If these rugs are too shabby-chic for your digs, check out the Momtastic guide To Make A Quatrefoil Design Area Rug


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