Mom Creates Brilliant DIY Wall Design For Under $5

Mom Creates Brilliant DIY Wall Design for under $5

As a very busy mom of three, I hardly have the time to get all the laundry done and put away before the next mountain of chores needs to be tended too. So, when I look at my house and think to myself about all the cool projects I want to do, my heart sinks just a little bit because I lack either the time or the money. But then I saw this truly gorgeous and downright genius photo of a geometric wallpaper design that another busy mama of three out together and I was floored.

Michelle Anderson, a single mom of three from Chester in the UK who works as a kitchen assistant at a local school shared her amazing design hack to a closed Facebook group for frugal DIY crafters where it took off like a wildfire.

“I first saw the idea on another DIY page on Facebook and fell in love,” Anderson tells Momtastic. “I was looking for something different for my bedroom feature wall and just had to try it.”

The incredibly polished and sweet look of this geometric design turns out to be astonishingly inexpensive and simple to put together. Anderson explains to Momtastic that she simply went around to DIY shops in her area where she was able to score free samples of wallpaper that she liked. After she had enough to get started, she went to a hobby craft store and picked up a hexagon-shaped craft box for £3.50 and used the lid to trace her shapes.

“It took me about 4 days to cut them out, a few hours each day,” Anderson says. “I painted the wall white then started attaching the hexagons, using blue tac so I could position them right and decide which ones looked better next to each other. It took about 6 hours to blue tac them all on.”

Once she had the shapes exactly where she wanted them, she applied the wallpaper paste to stick the shapes to their final position. This portion of the project took her an additional six hours.

The best part of this amazing project? Not only does it look absolutely fresh and inspiring but it costs next to nothing to create and for a busy mama like me, being able to pick this project up here and there over the course of a week or two sounds absolutely perfect.

Anderson tells Momtastic that for her, it was important to shop around. Looking through charity and thrift stores has saved her a ton of money since she upcycles materials into beautiful projects like her amazing bedroom wall.

Happy crafting, everyone!

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