DIY Succulent Wine Cork Planter Magnets

Steel appliances and white cabinets with geometric white backsplash tile are key players in my kitchen dreams. And after a recent remodel, my outdated kitchen got a swoon-worthy makeover. Now, I need to break up all that white and steel with some warm, natural accent pieces. Wood cutting boards and colorful towels were a good start, but I wanted to add a little life to the room’s decor.

These DIY succulent wine cork mini planters are the perfect tiny touch to break up all that cold metal. Hand-painted geometric shapes add a rainbow of color to breathe even more life into my minimalist, modern kitchen. Plus, what’s bad about a craft that requires you to drink wine? Check out the tutorial to create your own.

DIY Wine Cork Mini Planters


wine corks

scissors, screwdriver, or drill

acrylic craft paints


washi tape



hot glue, hot glue gun


Step 1: Using a screwdriver, sharp scissors, or drill bit (whichever you’re most comfortable with), bore a narrow, long tunnel into the middle of each wine cork.

DIY Wine Cork Mini Planters

Step 2: Apply washi tape to each cork in a crisscrossing or diagonal arrangement. Smooth tape edges to ensure a secure bond.

DIY Wine Cork Mini Planters

Step 3: Select a palette or color scheme for your corks as a group. I chose a 3-color spectrum color combo for each cork that created a rainbow scheme when all the corks were viewed together. Using a small paintbrush and craft paint, color each section of the taped cork with a different hue. Set aside to dry.

DIY Wine Cork Mini Planters DIY Wine Cork Mini Planters

Step 4: Adhere small magnets to each cork using hot glue. Set aside too dry. Then, insert small air plants or low-maintenance succulents into each mini planter.

DIY Wine Cork Mini Planters

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