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Easy DIY Fishing Game for Kids

If your kids love fishing, they will also love this DIY. Indeed, you can make a DIY game for your kids to fish indoors without having to go out. This DIY fishing game is super easy, and you can make it with materials that are more than likely already available at home.

This is not only a budget-friendly DIY but will also sharpen your kid’s fishing skills, which might come in handy for all the fishing trips you might go on in the future. Moreover, you can involve your kids in this DIY project for fun family time together.

This is an engaging game that kids of all age groups can play together for hours. Make different sizes of fish and rods based on your children’s age, and see your munchkins giggling and laughing with every catch.


  • Free fish printable (you can grab these from any website)
  • Paper
  • Printer
  • Yarn
  • Paper clips
  • Dowel rod


  1. Print the fish pictures and cut them out to make the DIY fishing game for kids.
  2. Put the white sides of the fish together and line them up.
  3. Next, punch a hole through the fish cutout to put the yarn across.
  4. Stuff the little fish just a tiny bit before lacing up. This will give the fish a three-dimensional structure. You can use the leftover paper scraps to plump them up.
  5. Start joining the pieces by crossing the yarn through the holes. To make this process easier, wrap a piece of tape around the end of the yarn. This way, the yarn will pass easily through the holes.
  6. Next, tie the loop on the fish. Keep the loop on the short side. If it’s too long, the fish won’t stand up on its own, making it difficult for kids to “catch” it.
  7. Now, to make the fishing rod “catch” the fish, bend a paperclip into the shape of a hook. Use yarn to attach it to a dowel rod. Keep the string on the shorter side to make it easier for younger kids to catch the fish, especially if they are working on hand-eye coordination skills.

Your DIY fishing game is ready for your kids! If you don’t have a printer or don’t want to bother with prints, you can make the fish from craft papers or reuse any scrap paper or fabric for the same.

To make the game more enjoyable, use brightly colored paper and ask your kids to draw eyes and scales on the fish. Place them on flour or a blue blanket for the illusion of water, and let your kids catch the fish. Kids can even paint or put Washi tape around the fishing rod to make their fishing rods more unique.

So, mommies, get the supplies today and make this DIY fishing game to keep your kids busy indoors. Also, share your experience and your kid’s reaction in the comment section below.

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