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Quick DIY Toy Camera for Kids

Are you looking for a quick, budget-friendly DIY to keep your little one engaged for hours? This easy DIY toy camera will tick all your boxes. You can make this cute toy camera for your kid’s pretend games with a few simple things at home.

You can let your child color the camera, put their favorite stickers on it, and hang it around their neck with a handy strap to catch some stunning pretend shots throughout the day.


  • Cardboard tube
  • Glue, strong enough to hold the camera’s weight
  • Small box (a mini cereal box will also work)
  • Washi tape
  • Scissors
  • Plastic wrap
  • Tape
  • Ribbon


  1. To make this DIY toy camera, cut a 2-inch section from a cardboard tube and glue it to the center of the box to create a camera lens.
  2. Cover the camera and camera lens with washi tape.
  3. Cut a rectangular hole above the lens on the front of the box.
  4. Cut another rectangular hole in the same spot on the back of the box to create a viewfinder.
  5. Tape plastic wraps over the two holes.
  6. Lastly, on the sides of the box, glue or staple the ends of a ribbon long enough to use as a shoulder strap.

Your DIY toy camera is ready for your kids to use. You can make as many as you want for your children in different colors and patterns. You can either stop here or add more details to this DIY toy camera to make it more real for the little ones. Once you have made the camera, cut a slit on one side of your camera for your kids to push in and pull out photographs from the camera.

For the pictures, take mini images (as per the size of the slit) from magazines or newspapers. Alternatively, you can pick some photos online and print them out. Your child can pull out an image with every pretend click and see what they have captured. It will be a fun game for them. Kids can also draw some pictures or cut some for their cameras. Alternatively, you can use them as room decor for kids or your bookshelves.

Customize the DIY toy camera per your kid’s choice to make this project a true winner. So, mommies, next time your children ask for a camera, hand them this DIY toy camera to play with. Your little ones will be excited to hang the camera around their necks and show them off to their friends. And don’t forget to share your kiddo’s experience in the comment section below.

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