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Kid-Friendly DIY Projects for Your Super Bowl Party

The big game is almost here, and your preparations for the Super Bowl party must be in full swing. However, hear us out before you empty your pocket on sporty decorations and food. Getting things from the store is no big deal; everyone can do that (and most tend to do that). But DIY is the way to go if you want the Super Bowl party to be fun and unique.

These DIY projects are suitable for kids, so they can get creative and participate in the football madness. So, incorporate some of these Super Bowl DIY crafts to make Game Day all the more fun, especially those you and your kids will love working on together.

1. Football themed runner

A Super Bowl party is incomplete without food. However, instead of serving the dishes on a regular runner, serve them on a football-themed one made by your kids. It will be quirky, fun, and one-of-a-kind.

Roll out craft paper on your serving table and give your kids some permanent markers and colors to draw their version of a football field and players. They will love this activity and stay busy for a long period while you prep the food.

2. Football rug

Super Bowl DIY
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Create a football rug with kids to make your space football-ready. You need artificial grass, white duct tape, scissors, and measuring tape for this Super Bowl DIY. If you don’t find artificial grass or duct tape, use green and white spray paint to cover any old rug or doormat.

3. Football mason jars

We aren’t asking you to buy new ones but to turn those old mason jars into a football look-alike with the help of duct tape. This is one of the best last-minute Super Bowl DIYs for kids to elevate your party further. Just use white duct tape to make football laces in the center of the jar, fill it with some dark soda (Coke, Pepsi, or Dr Pepper to resemble the football’s color), and top it up with a handmade party flag. Voila, your DIY football mason jar is ready.

4. Foam fingers

Super Bowl DIY
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Make cheering for your favorite team even more fun with DIY foam fingers. The best part about it is kids can pick the color of their choice and customize it to their liking. Moreover, the DIY is easy to make, so your family can sit together and make some extras for the guests. You can also make mini megaphones, funky hats, or football puppets of your kid’s favorite player and turn them into an interactive game during halftime.

5. Pom poms

Mamas, you must have made pom poms when you were a kid, so why not make some with your little ones? You can reuse any craft papers, foils, fabric, or newspapers (make sure to paint them first) to make pom poms of various sizes. Distribute it amongst the guests and cheer for your favorite team. This Super Bowl DIY is easy to make and makes the viewing party more festive. 

6. Paint shirts

Super Bowl DIY
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Be the biggest cheerleader of your favorite team with DIY shirts. Reuse your old shirts by turning them into a Super Bowl jersey. Let your kids paint the shirts with fabric color, glue team patches, and make some drawings on the shirts to make them stand out. If you have older kids, they can even dye the shirts. It can get a little messy, but it is totally worth it.

Apart from these, your kids can make DIY football fields on paper and decorate football-themed cookies, among other things. So, which Super Bowl DIY project will you try out with your kids during the big game? Do let us know in the comment section below!

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