15 Amazing Desserts You Can Make In Mason Jars

I take dessert seriously. When I was a kid, my mom allowed me to have one small treat after lunch. And, I’ve happily passed that tradition on to my own kids. I half believe that this practice helps teach my kids about enjoying sweets in moderation. Like, you don’t have to binge on some huge dessert after dinner. Have two Starbursts or one Oreo now. There you go kids, I’m your mom, and I’m winning at this moderation/healthy lifestyle teaching thing. So, you can see that my love for dessert is pretty evident based on my two-a-day habit.

Dessert after dinner is usually a little heftier, but I still try to keep the portions in check. My idea of a piece of cake is usually smaller than my kids’ idea of what constitutes a decent piece. But I’ve noticed that they never ask for seconds when the dessert is in a cute ramekin or another individual-sized container. That’s where desserts you can make in Mason jars come in. Most recipes are totally easy to make this way, and serving them in Mason jars makes portion control a no-brainer.

More Easy Dessert Recipes:

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