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Easy DIYs With Plastic Bottles for Kids

We are pretty sure there must be plenty of plastic bottles in your house, with you tossing them from one cupboard to another, which can sometimes leave you annoyed. However, we have a solution for you. Instead of playing pass the parcel with them, why not indulge yourself and your kids with an easy DIY project using plastic bottles?

You and your little ones can work together to make some pretty and fun items that can be used every day. Moreover, since your kiddos will make the crafts themselves and not buy them, they are more likely to preserve and use their creations to their fullest potential instead of throwing them away when bored.

1. Make bowling bottles

DIY with plastic bottles
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Grab six bottles that are similar in size, and let your kids paint them in any way they want. They can even make funny faces or intricate details on the bottle with the help of paint or permanent marker. Once done, place the bottles in your backyard or living room and get the ball rolling. Have parents vs. kids or sibling vs. sibling competition and enjoy how much fun your munchkins have aiming for their DIY plastic bowling bottles.

Alternatively, you can make monster faces on plastic bottles for Halloween and store candies in them for quirky decor. However, this DIY with plastic bottles will require craft scissors or knives. Ensure your kids wear gloves while cutting the bottles to avoid accidents. As a general rule, monitor your kids when they work with knives or scissors.

2. Glow in the dark bottle 

Who does not love glow-in-the-dark bottles? They will make a cute addition to your kid’s room. You will need a plastic bottle, hair gel, glitter glue, glow-in-the-dark paint, super glue, and glow stars. Put the glitter glue, glow-in-the-dark paint, hair gel (mixed with water), and glow stars in the bottle. Then, seal the cap with the super glue, and be ready to be fascinated with the creation at night or in a dark room. It will make a unique night light for the room.

3. Pencil case

DIY with plastic bottles
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You heard us right; you can make pencil cases with plastic bottles. A zipper, hot glue, and felt are needed to make this DIY with a plastic bottle. Your kids can paint their pencil cases in their favorite color, decorate them with glitter or stickers, and use them to store their pencils, crayons, paintbrushes, etc. This is a fun and useful DIY that your kids will love showing off to their friends. 

If you find this hard to execute, cut the bottles in half and use them as pen or pencil holders for your kiddo’s study table. You can even use them to segregate and store colors and other stationary items for easy access.

4. Flower pots

If you or your little ones love gardening, this DIY with plastic bottle is a must-try. You can elevate your gardening area or make room for more plants on your balcony or porch by using the decorative plastic bottle as a pot. This is one of the best ways to teach your kids the concept of making the best out of waste.

You can use any plastic bottle to make these pots, from soda bottles to water bottles to milk cans. Plus, you can save a lot of money with this DIY pot idea, which you can spend on buying more plants.

5. Bird feeders

DIY with plastic bottles
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One of the best DIY projects with plastic bottles is bird feeders, especially if you love listening to birds chirping. With a small eye screw, chopsticks, and twine, you can create a small or big bird feeder (depending on the species you tend to see in your locality) and see birds flocking to your house to get their fill.

Apart from these DIY projects with plastic bottles, you can make piggy banks, butterflies, playhouses, etc. So, grab all your empty plastic bottles, call your kids, and start exercising your creativity together. Don’t forget to mention which DIY craft you and your little ones picked in the comment section below.

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