Chic Maternity Workout Gear for Your Entire Pregnancy (& Beyond)

Sometimes it’s hard enough to find the energy to exercise while pregnant, let alone find workout clothing that actually fits. Too-small tops and ill-supporting sports bras can sometimes add to the growing list of excuses to skip the gym or miss a brisk stroll around the block.

During my pregnancy, I relied heavily on oversized T-shirts and my trusty belly band to stretch my standard workout gear through the third trimester. But boy would I have loved a prenatal workout line that helped me feel more like me. Men’s T-shirts made me look like a tent, while layered tanks just looked disheveled.

I recently came across the Via Prive Mamma line for a maternity styling client, and fell in love. The collection includes bras, tanks, tops, and pants specially designed for the active mom-to-be. It focuses on elongated torsos and super-supportive Quadracore fabric, which is amazingly stretchy and moisture-wicking. My ab-fave is the Flora Sweatshirt, which also becomes a godsend to postpartum mamas in the get-back-on-your-feet “fourth trimester.” Check out my picks in the slideshow above.

Like these maternity workout clothes as much as I do? Here’s one reason to LOVE them: they give back in a big way. Via Prive has a “buy one, give one” program. For each order received, they donate clothing to women and children in need in Mumbai, India. 

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