maternity leggings
Credit: Ingrid & Isabel

The Best Maternity Leggings To Get Right Now

Credit: Ingrid & Isabel

When I was pregnant my husband trusted that I was doing everything I could do be “pregnancy-safe“. The one exception? He was convinced I was smushing the baby with my leggings when I went to workout. It took a postpartum doula – who we hired to give us pre-birth private “training” – to assuage his fears that there was literally nothing I could wear that would crush our baby. That said, at some point wearing regular leggings, even though they stretch, just isn’t that comfortable anymore.

That’s where maternity leggings come in.

As pregnancy progresses many women find that they’re spending their entire day in leggings. They’re less frumpy than sweatpants and arguably equally as comfortable, if you opt for the right pair.

Read on for a look at the best maternity leggings you can get right now.

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