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The Best Maternity Jeans To Get Right Now

If there’s one thing that sounds absolutely, whole heartedly unappealing when you’re pregnant, it’s jeans. In fact, if you’ve ever gone out to a delicious dinner pregnant post 20-weeks, you’ve probably learned that sweats or leggings are the best options, lest you’re prepared to leave the restaurant with pant buttons undone. That is until you slip into a pair of maternity jeans, some of which are so smooth and stretchy you almost feel as though you’re wearing leggings.

Maternity jeans are far from created equally, however. Many are stiff and tight, especially if you’re starting to feel swollen around your calf area, so it’s important to try before you buy or purchase from a website that lets you return your bottoms if they’re not as comfortable as you’d like.

To kick things off we’ve rounded up the best maternity jeans options you can get right now.

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