Pregnancy Style: My Top 5 Rules for Looking Great with a Bump

Molly Sims showing off her baby bump

Pregnancy can sure make a girl feel conflicted. As happy as you are to be having a baby, your body growing and expanding can make you feel uncomfortable and not your best. It can be hard out there in Fashion Land for expecting mamas-to-be! From morning sickness to pure exhaustion, it can be difficult to feel beautiful. I employ the “fake it till you make it” mantra if I’m feeling a little green or extra tired.

Wearing something I feel good in definitely helps my state of mind. Maternity fashion has evolved over the years to appease the pickiest of fashionistas. Pregnancy is not an excuse to live in your jammies. Don’t get me wrong; comfort is absolutely key for dressing when you are pregnant. I think the sweet spot is finding comfortable, fashion-forward pieces that you feel great in. I love mixing and matching regular clothes with maternity pieces.

So, don’t let maternity dressing stress you out. This should be a joyful time of your life. You have better things to think about, like baby names! Check out my top five rules for looking good while pregnant:

1. Do not immediately reach for maternity clothes. Go one size bigger than you normally wear. Especially in your first trimester, don’t jump the gun! You can find great, affordable pieces that you can also enjoy post pregnancy.

2. Use a belly belt band. You’ll be able to wear your regular pants longer. 

3. Build a “go-to” core pregnancy wardrobe. The essentials: A maxi skirt, leggings, and tops that you can layer with jean jackets, boyfriend jackets, cardigans, and sweaters.

4. Don’t be afraid to wear fitted clothing. Being pregnant doesn’t mean you have to hide your shape. Embrace your curves and accentuate your assets. Wearing clothes that are too baggy will just make you look bigger.

5. Be creative with the clothing you have. I love taking a button-down shirt, undoing the bottom couple buttons, and tying it into a cute little knot.

Photo: Courtesy of Molly Sims

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