Unisex Baby Names Inspired By Nature

When my husband and I searched for baby names for each of our three children, we tested out hundreds (ok, thousands) of ideas and we never agreed on any until we did. That’s how baby naming goes. But along the way, we found so many beautiful baby names that while not a great fit for us were definitely keepers. My personal favorites were all the unisex names inspired by nature. Something about a name that can conjure up rich vivid images of nature just feels gorgeous to me.


Below, find my favorite unisex baby names inspired by nature:


Ash is derived from the Hebrew name, Asher, which means fortunate or happy.


Barrow is used to describe mountainous areas, especially the names of hills in England.


Bays are beautiful coastal bodies of water that are tucked into the shoreline and that connect to the ocean.


Possibly one of the most beautiful tree scents and a perfect name.


Foxes are stealthy, strong, sharp, and absolutely stunning in beauty.


Inspired by an Old English name, which describes a person living near a forest.


Heron’s are elegant birds that are said to symbolize tranquility, determination, and independence. Perfect qualities to honor in a little person.


Linden is just fun to say out loud. Go ahead, I’ll wait. It comes from the Old English for linde or lime tree.


Nova may bring to mind stars but in the Native American Hopi tribe, it means butterfly chaser.


From the Scottish for ruddy or red, Reed also brings to mind the beautiful soft whistling sounds of tall reed grasses.


River has a long history of being a name of strength and stability but it is also a beautiful reminder of nature.


The Severn River is the longest river in England and Wales. This name is perfect for both boys and girls.


Shire makes me think of moss and wildflowers, which is perfect since the word has traditionally denoted untouched natural places like meadows and forests.


Sparrows are beautiful birds that are loaded with symbolism from mighty power despite a small size to diligence, intelligence, strong-willed, and honesty.


Wren is a sweet name for boys or girls and it comes from the Celtic where the name Wren means enthusiasm for life.

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