Adorable Short Baby Middle Names from A to Z

If you picked a long first name for your baby or you have a long surname, a short middle name works best to break up the cadence. But if you want to look beyond the more traditional middle names like Ann, Lynn, Lee and James, you’ll find that there are plenty of more unique options. (And since middle names are rarely used, you can have a little more fun with them, too!)


Consider one of these sweet and short baby middle names before you commit to a longer one:

1. Ace

Ace has that rock star vibe thanks to KISS guitarist Ace Frehley—and a popular name now for several celebrity babies.

2. Bee

Bee could be considered short for the classic Beatrice—or a buzzworthy name in its own right. 

3. Cam

Cam is short for Cameron or Camilla—and the perfect short middle if you want something that works for either sex.

4. Dax

Actor Dax Shepard (hubby of actress Kristen Bell) is the claim to fame for this baby name, which comes from a legendary spa in France. (Ooh la la!)

5. Eli

This classic Hebrew name means “ascended.”

6. Fox

The forest animal or the FBI agent who sought supernatural truths on The X-Files could be your baby name inspiration for this pick. 

7. Gus

A short form of Augustus, which means magnificent, Gus has become a popular name in its own right lately. 

8. Hal

This is usually considered a short form of Harold or Henry, and shares their meaning—ruler. For sci-fi fans, it’s also the name of the computer that goes a little mad in 2001: A Space Odyssey.

9. Ivy

A cooler and fresher nature-themed name, Ivy is an evergreen plant, so it’s often associated with eternity and fidelity.

10. Joy

Three letters can pack a lot of sentiment, as in this cheerful word name pick. 

11. Kit

Thank Game of Thrones actor Kit Harington for putting this nickname for Christopher back on the radar. 

12. Leo

This grand name means “lion,” and is considered a variation of Leonardo.

13. Mae

This could be considered an alternative spelling of the spring month—or a variation on the name Mary. 

14. Noa

Without the H at the end, Noa is usually given to girls, and means “in motion.”

15. Oak

The stately and strong tree type makes for a stately and strong middle name. 

16. Poe

Star Wars fans will recognize this as the first name of roguish pilot Dameron from the latest trilogy, while everyone else will remember master of the macabre Edgar Allan Poe. 

17. Rio

The Spanish word for river could be a stylish unisex middle name.

18. Sky

Looking for a nature name that isn’t too frilly or floral? Sky might just be what you’re seeking.

19. Ty

You can’t get much shorter than this middle name, a pared down version of Tyler. Baseball legend Ty Cobb was the most famous wearer.

20. Uma

Actress Uma Thurman is the claim to fame for this girls’ name, which means nation in Sanskrit.

21. Van

Usually part of a Dutch surname (think Vincent Van Gogh), several actors have used Van as a cool first. 

22. Win

Short for names like Winifred and Winston, Win also has that wonderful, victorious word meaning. 

23. Xen

A unisex option with a cool “X” initial, Xen is a variation on zen, and shares its meaning.

24. Yul

Yul means “beyond the horizon,” and is most famously linked with The King and I star Yul Brynner. 

25. Zoe

This stylish girls’ name means “life,” and it’s been a top 50 favorite for girls for the past decade. 

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