Baby Shower Themes That Aren’t Tacky Or Overdone

Baby shower themes make all the difference between a party that’s unique and one that feels like every other baby shower. Once my friend group started having babies, going to showers made me feel a bit like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day: It was the same thing over and over again. Umbrellas! Onesie decorating! Pastel everywhere! So, when it was my turn to host a shower, I spent a lot of time researching fresh ideas for baby shower themes. It was quite the task!

Whether you’re planning a shower for your BFF or sending inspiration to your sis for your own impending baby shower, this list is exactly what you need. I’ve rounded up the best baby shower themes that are sure to set your shindig apart from the rest. They are fresh and fun, and most importantly, will be a treat for your guests and the mama-to-be. Let’s get this party started!

More Baby Shower Inspiration:


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