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7 Best Baby Shower Ideas

You are all geared up to throw your baby shower but with so many Pinterest ideas to choose from, picking the right idea might get difficult. But don’t worry, we have some of the best baby shower ideas you will remember for years.

1. Sugar and spice

You might have heard of the phrase “sugar and spice and everything nice,” so why not use it as a theme for your baby shower? For a sweet look, choose pastel-colored balloons for decorations and plenty of tissue paper, ribbons, and tulle. And for the spice part, make personalized jars for guests. Fill the jar with aromatic spices, like cloves, cinnamon, cardamom and allspice. For the menu, add yummy sweets and spicy treats, like cookies, cupcakes, cinnamon rolls, and breadsticks.

2. Let’s have some nostalgia

Who doesn’t miss their teen years? So, turn back the clock and relive the childhood nostalgia at your baby shower with your favorite snacks, candies, and characters from back in the day. Ask your guests to dress in their favorite teen fits and dance to classic tunes.

3. Go for a picnic

This is one of the most budget-friendly and fun baby shower ideas for expecting moms who want a fuss free celebration. Pack some picnic blankets, some simple and tasty snacks like sandwiches, fruits and so and head to the beach or some nice park to spend the day with your dear ones. If you want to avoid taking the food, you can also have a potluck or simply hire a food truck for a few hours, if budget allows. 

4. Diapers and donuts

For this sweet baby shower theme, use tablecloths with donuts made on them, along with donut-inspired bright and colorful banners and confetti for decor. The menu should have donuts and diaper-inspired cake. Apart from this, you can use a diaper basket as the centerpiece or ask your guests to write funny messages on paper for the baby and the parent-to-be and paste them on the diaper.  

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5. Bonfire celebration 

If you plan to host a baby shower in winter, this is the best idea for you. Set out plenty of chairs or spread-out mattresses around the bonfire with cozy blankets. Decorate the place with string lights, lay out winter snacks and drinks, sing, dance, play games, and roast marshmallows on this relaxing winter day. 

6. Snow Land 

Another great winter baby shower idea is to convert your venue into a snowland. Decorate the place with snowflakes, greenery, and poinsettias, and play some winter songs all along. On the menu, you can have a lavish spread of hot and comforting dishes like soups, marshmallows, hot cocoa, macaroni and cheese, snowman cupcakes, etc.  

7. Spa day 

This is one perfect baby shower idea for an intimate celebration with your family or just close friends. Pamper yourself and others too with massages, facials, or manicures at home. Relax with your gang with some movie, and tasty treats like spa-themed cake, donuts etc. 

Aren’t these baby shower ideas fun? They are simple and meets everyone’s budget. So, pick one of the themes and start planning for it as early as possible.

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