How to Make a Creative Baby Shower Gift for Dad

When we were expecting our first baby, some of our friends threw us a coed shower. It was great to be included and a lot of fun, but it also felt a little awkward being showered with gifts mostly meant for Mom and Baby. How many packages of nipple shields can one guy open? There was one gift that was meant for me, and I was so appreciative of a present specifically meant for Dad. If you have a dad-to-be in your life, here’s a quick, simple, and fun baby shower gift for Dad you can put together to make him feel a part of the celebration at the baby shower.





Step 1: Wipe down your clear plastic gallon can to prepare the surface for sticker adhesion.



Step 2: Apply stickers to spell out words of your choice. It could be Dad’s name, “Baby Daddy,” or a good old fashioned “Congrats.” To achieve proper spacing and centering on the can, I’d recommend starting at the middle of a word and working your way out.


Step 3: Put a layer of tissue paper at the bottom of the can.


Step 4: Add your gifts. Arrange the items in the can so that each one can clearly be seen from the outside. (The Be Prepared book has been a funny but informative read for me as a new dad, so I would recommend it to anyone becoming a parent for the first time.) Keep layering gifts and tissue paper until all your gifts are inside.


Step 5: Give to the new dad with a big fat congratulations!



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