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50 Activities Your Kids Can Try If They Don’t Like Sports

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When my kids hit the age of three or so, I felt the clock ticking. I needed to figure out what to sign them up to do in order to keep them busy, help them make friends, and follow the unspoken rules of parenthood looming over my head. Most of my family had played soccer, so that seemed the obvious place to start.

My husband volunteered to coach (okay, maybe I volunteered him), and I set out on my search for extra-extra small shin guards and a number three (or was it four?) ball. In the first practice my daughter refused to wear the green team shirt, instead insisting on a triple-layered hot pink tutu and a too-small purple shirt she could find at the bottom of any giveaway pile. She spent most of the practice fastening and unfastening her shin guards, which is why I missed the part when her brother wrapped himself in the goalie net.

Fast-forward a game or two later, and it was extremely obvious that my children were not interested in soccer, and my husband would be coaching a team of other people’s children while I tried to talk my kids into heading out on the field for a second or two. Fast-forward a year or two later, and it was extremely obvious that my children were not only uninterested in soccer, but they also were not interested in any type of sport whatsoever.

Finding activities they enjoyed involved thinking outside the box a little, but it paid off. They formed lasting friendships around common interests, and I never had to talk them into going to their extracurricular activities.

If you have kiddos who aren’t interested in anything involving a bat, a ball or a net, here are 50 activities they might be interested in instead.

50 Activities For Kids Who Hate Sports

  1. Theater
  2. Playing a musical instrument
  3. Singing
  4. Robotics
  5. Lego Club
  6. 4-H
  7. Horseback riding
  8. Juggling
  9. Tap
  10. Ballet
  11. Drawing
  12. Boy Scouts
  13. Girl Scouts
  14. Chess
  15. Science clubs
  16. Coding
  17. Cooking classes
  18. Knitting
  19. Crocheting
  20. Sewing
  21. Debate club
  22. Maker Faire
  23. Volunteering
  24. Gardening
  25. Calligraphy
  26. Pottery
  27. Whittling
  28. Painting
  29. Cartooning
  30. Magic
  31. Crafting
  32. Costuming
  33. Video editing
  34. Reading club
  35. Creative writing
  36. Quiz bowl
  37. Woodworking
  38. Graphic design
  39. Survival skill groups
  40. Screen-printing
  41. Photography
  42. Board game club
  43. Beekeeping
  44. Web design
  45. Scrapbooking
  46. Animal training
  47. Foreign language
  48. Puppeteering
  49. Geocaching
  50. Hairstyling/cosmetology

I’ve loved watching my kids explore new activities, and the most rewarding part has been those moments when they find what they love most. Do you have anything to add to this list? Let me know in the comments.


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