25 Things You’ve Learned If Your Kids Are Close In Age

We still laugh about the day my husband arrived to pick me up from the hospital after I had my youngest. Our two toddlers were 20 months old and while we waited for discharge paperwork they entertained themselves by pushing my wheelchair into every object in my hospital room. As they steered it recklessly through […]


Yup. We Bought A Pet Pig For Our Anxious Daughter.

It’s amazing what we do for our kids. I never thought we’d even have a dog and here I am telling you about our experience with a pet pig. A while back we discovered that our very nervous, very anxious little girl transformed into a new child when she was around animals. Not so much […]


Feeling isolated as a special needs mom

I remember the first time I walked the halls after my c-section. Pushing my daughter’s isolette back to the nursery, I clung to the side for support and noticed her eyes tracking people going past. We joked that she was advanced, already more alert than a newborn should be. I remember that moment so clearly […]


Why I Hope My Son Wants to Polish His Nails Again

My son does not like sports or really anything the world has decided is “boy stuff.” He likes costumes, stage makeup and singing his heart out. He follows his favorite Broadway stars on YouTube. His current favorite color is gold, and he loves things that sparkle. I got one of those peel-and-stick nail kits at […]