Top 10 Baby Shower Gifts

Showering a new mama-to-be? We’ve rounded up a handful of baby essentials for the first six months that will have mom, dad, and baby all happy. From adorable onesies to diaper cream, we’re covering the bases to help you shower the new family with love!


1. Coming home outfit

When it comes time to leave the hospital, baby will need an outfit that’s both comfy and cute. A little 
polka dot onesie or a graphic top are too good to pass up! These are from Old Navy; they’ve got more adorable baby stuff than you can even imagine (including those little bloomers and sweatpants).

2. Diaper bag

Something stylish and functional should fit the bill, which makes this one from Feed just perfect! And for every bag sold, a mother and child in need will be provided with micronutrients for one year.

3. Crib mattress pad

Help the new mom and dad keep baby’s crib clean and dry with a really great
crib mattress pad. They’ll thank you when they’re changing bedding in the middle of the night!

4. Diaper rash cream

Nothing’s cuter than a baby’s bottom, and nothing helps protect it better than a good diaper cream. My mom used Desitin on us when we were babies, and now my sister uses it on her kiddos. Tried and true.

5. Baby monitor

Baby monitors have gotten pretty high-tech and are a wonderful way to help new parents be at ease when baby is sleeping. This movement and sound monitor from Angelcare is sensitive enough to track whether baby is breathing.

6. Blankets

Blankies, blankies, blankies! These reversible blankies from Old Navy look so soft I’d order them in bulk.

7. Baby-friendly detergent

And speaking of blankies, mom and dad will be doing quite a bit of laundry. Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day baby detergent is perfect for all those teeny things — gentle on fabrics, but tough with dirt, grime, and food.

8. Baby tub

Help make bathtime a little easier while baby is too young to sit up. A tub that grows with the little one, like this newborn-to-toddler tub, is just right.

9. Sophie the Giraffe

A great toy goes a long way — especially one that serves a purpose. Toys like this baby fave are not only adorable, but will be perfect later on when baby starts teething.

10. Carrier

Once the baby is a little bigger, a convertible baby carrier is wonderful for getting out and about! The Stokke carrier has great lower back support, which is helpful for mom and dad too.

This post is sponsored by Old Navy

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