15 Gorgeous Ideas for a Breakfast at Tiffany’s Baby Shower

A Breakfast at Tiffany’s baby shower is one of my favorite party themes. It’s easy to pull off at home or in a public venue, and the color scheme, of course, is already set: Tiffany blue, black, pink, and white. I’ve planned this party before, and made the mistake of spending way too much time on Pinterest pinning ideas that I figured I’d just order online and put everything together in the couple weeks leading up to the shower.  Alas, my pinboards were filled with great ideas, but not really ways to execute or buy anything. It was nothing short of a time slurp.

Lesson learned: For the next party I planned, I used the Partyology website and app. The majority of the ideas there are actually shoppable, so so I can plan a party there knowing that it’s way easier to actually get the goods I need to recreate what I’ve seen online.


If you’re planning a Breakfast at Tiffany’s baby shower, check out 15 of my favorite ideas (that you can actually buy!) in the slideshow.

More Baby Shower Ideas:

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