What Does Your Spring Baby’s Zodiac Sign Say About Him?

This particular spring, three of my dear pals are due: One with a Pisces due date, one in Aries, and one in Taurus. What’s the difference, you ask? Well, it’s all in the zodiac sign. 

Below, I’ve provided a rough personality breakdown for each, inspired by my two favorite go-to astrological resources: Sun Signs and Big Bad Ass Book of the Zodiac.


Positive Traits: Boy or girl, introvert or extrovert, Pisces are compassionate, caring people with a knack for empathy, even very early in life. They’re gentle and kind. They like turtles and frogs and birds and fish (obviously!), and are likely to “root for the underdog” — but likely not be the underdog. And while they’re daydreamy in nature, they’re often also very knowledgable on a variety of subjects. (Picture a boho who “marches to her own drum,” but also smokes the competition on “Jeopardy.”) 

Negative Traits: Moody. Truly, deeply moody. And they won’t recognize or admit it. Not ever. When you say, “What’s wrong? Something’s wrong,” they’ll fight you that they’re perfectly fine as they sulk and cry and mope. Meanwhile, they don’t take criticism well — even if delivered in the kindest way. If you say, “Excuse me, you’re stepping on my skirt,” a Pisces will think, “Great. I can’t do anything right.”

The Piscean Look: Sensitive, caring eyes, usually a slim figure (though can gain weight rapidly after age 50), inviting smile, and is said to generally look far clumsier than they actually are.

Little Pisces Need: Time and space to be daydreamy and wildly imaginative without judgement. They’re likely to have vivid imaginary friends, and possibly speak to long-dead people. Don’t let this frighten you. Don’t discourage this. They’ll interpret it as criticism and it’ll stifle their creativity and stunt their much-needed budding confidence. 

During Those First Few Months Expect: Resistance to adhere to any rough schedule or routine. Later, they’ll quite value punctuality, but not in the first year. 


Positive Traits: Energetic leaders and miracle makers! Rams like action and adventure and progress and competition. They like to accept challenges and present challenges to others. To Ariens, life is about moving forward and powering through. Do you know a polished business executive with a firm handshake, who also teaches Zumba on the weekends? She’s an Aries.

Negative Traits: They’re competitive nature can be grating to the rest of us — particularly when they lose. It doesn’t happen often, of course, but when it does, get ready…. They can also be brash, impulsive leaders, but that won’t make them reconsider if they should be leading, as they LOATHE being told what to do. Some are prone to jealousy. Some are poor judges of character.

The Arien Look: These Rams are attractive. Like, very attractive. Tall, lean, often athletic bodies. Luxurious hair. Energetic eyes. And if these aren’t god-given traits, they’ll do their best to fake it. To Ariens, it’s important to project a physical image of success.

Little Rams Need: Opportunities that challenge their active bodies and minds. They have inexhaustible curiosities, so trips to science centers and children’s museums and plays and sporting events will capture their attention. Because they don’t like being told what to do (or the word “no”), present challenges instead. If you want them to clean up their toys, offer to time them. If you want them to try harder in math, give them an incentive and infer you’re not sure they’ll be able to rise to the occasion in time.

During Those First Few Months Expect: A baby who flies through some of the early milestones, and pushes the envelope at every turn. When they can crawl — which will likely be earlier than expected — you better believe their adventurous spirit will attract them right to power outlets. Consider yourself warned!


Positive Traits: Uncommonly loyal friends. Calm, patient, and resourceful. They live with great care and attention, and prefer everyone else does, too. They have an innate appreciation for the finer things (from real antiques to real silks to real whipped cream), and excel at curating a life where their refined taste is showcased. They are very loving, and quick to express it in ways that make their family and friends profoundly thankful. Their moral compass is a strong guide. Because of this, they’re often sought out for advice, even far beyond their particular expertise.

Negative Traits: Bulls are the most stubborn folks on the planet. Once their mind is set on something, it will happen — if not by verbal persuasion, by sheer force. Though it won’t be with Ariens’ energetic bouncy force. It’ll be slow and steady and reliable. In fact, sometimes they can appear too slow-moving, too quiet, too boring. And they’re very easily embarrassed, so if you in any way indicate that they may be too slow-moving, quiet, or boring, they will be terribly embarrassed, and never, ever forget or fully forgive that you were behind this indictment. Also, they don’t like celebrating their birthdays, as they’ll do anything to avoid being the center of attention.

The Taurean Look: While they’re grounded by their kind loyalty and unflappable stubbornness, their appearance is just as solid. They may be tall, they may be short, but the true Bull will always be strong and broad. They’re also likely to have gorgeous, clear complexions. They walk with determination.

Little Bulls Need: Physical affection given freely and often, and a thoughtful, harmonious home life. If your little Taurus is moody or ill, light a sweet-smelling candle, bake something delicious, buy them a plush new sweater, or even consider a new paint color. They want things calm and lovely. And never force them to do something they have little or no interest in. This will spark their stubbornness and you will lose. End of story.

During Those First Few Months Expect: Lots of sweet snuggles from an often quiet baby (so long as she is dry, comfortable, and fed). Of course their stubborn nature won’t show real clearly this early on, but look for clenched fists. This will be their first indicator that something may not be going their way, and they intend to do something about it.

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