Astrology May Help Predict the Kind of Baby You’ll Have

Astrology isn’t just reserved for adults! And that’s great news for any anxious parents-to-be trying to decipher what their child will be like from the little clues provided by kick frequencies and ultrasound pictures. “Interestingly enough, babies start showing signs of their sun sign as soon as they are born,” says Shereen Campbell, the founder of My Little Magic Shop. “This can come out in so many ways including their overall temperament, how fussy they are, how well they sleep and even how often they smile.”

We asked Campbell and Ashley Cramer, the founder of Lunar Alignment and a fully-initiated Pampamesayok shaman, for insight into what your baby’s sun sign likely says (or likely will say!) about them.


“Your darling baby will have a ton of energy!  Fire sign babies will do everything fast so be sure to babyproof early.  Prone to temper tantrums, you might watch them go through emotions at lighting speed.  Fortunately, they tend to get over things as quickly as they experience them,” says Campbell. Cramer adds that Aries are natural-born leaders and trailblazers. “There’s no challenge or adventure they won’t take on. Aries get bored easily, so they’ll need lots of activities to stimulate them. They’re proud, self-starters, and bold.”


“Taurus, the bull, has two speeds – relaxed or ready to charge. They’re usually grounded and content, but they’re determined and persistent when they take action. Either way, Taurus are stubborn. Since Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of love, they want lots of cuddles and affection,” says Cramer. Interestingly Campbell notes that parents might  find that they are a little picky about their food and other life pleasures like their diapers.  “They love to feel comfortable. Lastly, if they don’t like something, giving up is probably a good strategy especially if it’s not a big deal, they can be stubborn.”


“There probably isn’t a more curious baby than a Gemini baby. You might find that they are super interested when people are talking to them or even just talking around them. Plus, when they start speaking, get prepared for all the questions you can manage.  Be sure to read to this little one as often as you can, as they love to absorb all the knowledge,” says Campbell. In line with that Cramer notes that Geminis are extremely curious and want to learn everything. “Symbolized by the twins, don’t be surprised if your Gemini changes interests, attitudes and friends very quickly.”


“With a baby born in the sign of Cancer, these little ones are prone to absorbing all the emotional energy around them.  They are born empaths, so be sure to keep your emotions as even as possible around them.  They are especially sensitive to the energy of the maternal figures in their life, wanting to comfort them.  They require loads of hugs and kisses to feel at ease,” says Campbell.


“Leo kids love to be the center of attention. They’re extremely expressive and creative, and they bring unwavering passion to everything they do. Leo is a warm-hearted, loving, and extremely generous sign. Don’t let their tendency toward drama and bossiness overshadow that. Like the Sun, their ruler, Leo wants to shine bright,” says Cramer.


“Virgo babies are probably the more fussy of all the signs, as they are very particular about everything. They pay attention to details and LOVE schedules.  Keeping to a consistent schedule is incredibly important to keep your Virgo one feeling safe and secure.  They aren’t huge fans of unexpected changes or missed sleep dates,” says Campbell.


“This social butterfly will love to be surrounded by people and beautiful things like art, music and fashion. Libra is the sign of balance and fairness and little Libras tend to be compassionate and charming with a pleasant disposition. Libras may need a push from time to time since indecisiveness can be the downside of wanting everything to be even-steven,” says Cramer. 


“As a water sign, your Scorpio baby will often be intensely focusing on whatever is happening around them as well as their caretaker’s emotions.  They are deeply feeling babies and will require as much nurturing as you can give to make them feel safe.  Also, don’t be surprised if they are extremely attached to you and less excited about hanging with other babies.  They will warm up eventually with a little encouragement,” says Campbell. Cramer adds that it’s important to be honest with your Scorpio because their high intelligence and intuition gives them a very strong BS meter. 


“These freespirited babies love an adventure!  If you were looking for a partner in crime, a Sagittarius baby will be your forever companion until they are teens.  They love to visit new places, hear stories from far far away times and don’t mind trying new foods.  Be sure to introduce them to as many different cultures as you can, they will adore it!” says Campbell.


There’s no challenge too big for a Capricorn to overcome. They’re ambitious and practical and they can achieve any goal they set their mind to. Your Capricorn kid will have a strong sense of responsibility from an early age. Help your little go-getter enjoy being a kid with lots of games and outdoor activities. ” says Cramer.


“Expect the unexpected with your Aquarius little one.  Your life together will be filled with many surprises, as they will react to the most interesting things in very interesting ways.  You will be surprised by their likes, dislikes and what excites them most.  Remain flexible with them, allowing them to march to the beat of their own drum as best you can,” says Campbell.


“Your Pisces baby is bound to have some artistic skills. You could find they are drawn to all types of art, music and alternative forms of expression.  These little ones will also be drawn to coloring on your walls and expressing their emotions early on.  Try to find as many outlets as you can for their emotional expression utnil you find the one they like more.  Pisces babies are here to dream big!” says Campbell.

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