Understanding My Kids’ Astrological Signs Makes Me a Better Parent

What’s your sign?” is a question that I have heard my mom ask people throughout my entire life. She still does it to this day. And the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, because I now find myself asking people what their astrological signs are as well. Though, I usually wait until a second conversation to ask someone, whereas my mom will ask within the first fifteen minutes of meeting them.


Many people know their sign. There are those random few who do not or do know and have no idea the meaning behind their sun (also called star) sign.

Astrology goes beyond simply reading one’s horoscope for the day. Often times those things are wrong anyway. We are all unique people and not only do we have a sun sign, but we also have a moon sign, and a rising (ascendant) sign. These are determined by the placement of where the sun, moon, and the degree that is ascending on the eastern horizon at the time and date of birth. These multiple layers are why we are the way we are. Of course, our environment also comes into play, but some characteristics are there since birth.

My oldest child is a Capricorn sun.  She is smart, wise beyond her years, independent, and headstrong. When she wants something, she wants it. She is super focused. When she puts her mind to something, she does it. This is an awesome trait to have as a person. But being the parent of a Capricorn can often times be draining. Which is why I remind myself that her innate instinct is to succeed. Capricorns are born leaders, and since she is the first-born, her chances of becoming a CEO are that much greater. I remind myself of her strengths and weaknesses when she is getting on my last nerve, but I have to remember that I need to harness her determination (which can be challenging for me) in a positive way.

She is a Pisces moon and Leo rising. Which means her mood is often emotional. The moon sign is what our inner feelings are, our emotions. She is a pretty sensitive, creative, kid and has amazing flair. She always dresses to impress, and does so without even trying. Fashion and style come naturally for her.

My second daughter, though she was an easy baby, is much more work as a toddler than her big sis was. She is a cusp baby which means she was born on the cusp between two sun signs: Taurus and Gemini. She and I share many, many similarities (like both having an air sun sign), and like her sister she also has a water moon sign: Cancer. Which, you guessed it, makes her pretty sensitive and emotional as well. And she too has a Leo rising. Though her flair doesn’t involve fashion just yet, like her sister, she is quite comedic. And I can see her being the life of the party as she gets older.

I do understand her a bit more. I think that is because she and I are both air signs and we can relate to each other more. I can get her to calm down quite easily, whereas with her sister it varies depending on the situation. Astrology has always been something I have been interested in. And when I had kids, I did a lot of reading on child rearing for their signs. Of course, as other parenting articles/books I read, most of it I dismiss. Because when you’re in the heat of the moment, it’s natural just to react as a parent.

I do find it does help to know your kid’s strengths and weaknesses. To understand their astrological makeup. And to know how to work with that. My oldest will often have it her way. This I know. But it is my job to remind her that I am the parent. She is still allowed some control in situations, but it is my job to always make sure she is on the right path.

Her sister is 4-years-old. And like any fournado, she shakes our house up with her antics. I have learned that to get her to settle down, I need to look her straight in the eye and communicate clearly. I think this helps with her air sign-ness, but also her emotional Cancer moon. Of course, I am not an expert in the field of Astrology. I am just a mom who wants to raise her kids to be good people. And by knowing my kids’ Astrological makeup, this helps me just a wee bit more.