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What Does Your Winter Baby’s Zodiac Sign Say About Her?

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We’ve had fun exploring personality predictions for both summer babies and autumn babies, so now it’s time to focus on those rosy-cheeked winter babes — the ones that arrive like a downy layer of glittering snow…and get to wear the world’s ittiest bittiest down coats… and have their post-delivery mommas craving frothy hot toddies.

Winter babies are Sagittariuses (who spread optimism, generosity, and eccentric philosophies), Capricorns (who climb methodically through life, honoring tradition and achieving the highest of standards), and Aquariuses (who are scientifically-inclined and caring, and walk to the beat of their own drum).

Below, I’ve provided a rough personality breakdown for each, inspired by my two favorite go-to astrological resources: Sun Signs and Big Bad Ass Book of the Zodiac.

If your baby’s a SAGITTARIUS (“The Archer,” November 22 to December 21):

Positive Traits: Optimistic and forward-thinking, almost always awakes in a good mood, spiritual (particularly in regards to their relationship with nature), works to see the best in people, curious, prioritizes travel and new experiences, has big ideas about big issues — even at a young age

Negative Traits: Has a tendency to put her foot in her mouth, often fails to plan adequately because of her “everything will work out just fine” sunny disposition (picture the kid who forgot her permission slip and violin and umbrella, or the adult who remembered to budget for the concert but forgot to pay her electric bill), argumentative when she feels at all threatened, can be indulgent

The Sagittarian Look: Strong and active, often smiling or about to smile, pointed chin

Little Sages Need: Company! They love visitors, playdates, daycare, school, and activities. When they go to bed they want to join an entourage of various stuffed animals and blankies. They’re even happy to fall asleep surrounded by chattering adults.

During Those First Few Months Expect: A cuddly, happy one who’s likely to smile and giggle before and more often than his peers

*Note: Of all the signs, Sagittarius men and Sagittarius women have the most distinctions among them. In general, Sagittarius men exhibit the more playful qualities of the sign, while the women exhibit a more serious interpretation.

If your baby’s a CAPRICORN (“The Goat,” December 22 to January 19):

Positive Traits: Responsible beyond compare, never shies away from a long-term commitment (if the goal demands more, they’ll reap more, and they’d rather do it the right, responsible way from the start), offers wisdom and sound advice freely and naturally, fiercely loyal to their few favorite people and traditions, very organized, almost always moves with grace and poise

Negative Traits: Tendency to believe only their way is best, unforgiving of others’ transgressions, perfectionist (often in excess, to ensure they’re never satisfied, because if they ever were really satisfied, what would they do then?!), status seeking (Goats must always be climbing up, up, up to bigger, better, more respectable heights), can dish criticism but seldom take it

The Capricornian Look: Strong white teeth (as children and adults), and they age backward (young Goats have more severe, adult features and dispositions, but by age 50 looks younger than their peers)

Little Caps Need: Honest compliments so they know they’re on the right path. Meanwhile, they can’t stand being mocked or taunted. Also, young Goats often seem like little adults quite quickly. Try to inspire them to unwind and play with children less like them. While energetic and imaginative Leos, Aries, and Libras will likely drive them crazy, the carefree influence will be a positive one.

During Those First Few Months Expect: A mostly good-natured baby who responds positively to calming sensory stimulants, like books, soft music, and light rocking

If your baby’s an AQUARIUS (“The Water Carrier,” January 20 to February 18):

Positive Traits: Caring and dependable, great in a crisis, loyal friend, and friendly to strangers (they’re very social at parties and will strike up a conversation with any server, cab driver, etc.), wide range of interests, scientific-minded and analytical, strong humanitarian belief system

Negative Traits: Stubborn and unpredictable, sometimes unbendingly self-interested and overly sensitive, what at first appears mysterious or intriguing may reveal itself later as aloofness or just being generally detached from others, insecure — particularly regarding their intense fear of failure

The Aquarian Look: Taller, broader, and stronger than average, stylish in dress (even at a young age), clean (IF a female Water Carrier has wild curls or a male has facial hair, it’ll still be somehow orderly and well maintained)

Little Aquariuses Need: Peaceful, calm, and harmonious home environments. They’ll sense when parents are stressed even when they’re shielded from the fights/serious discussions. Because they’re sensitive and insecure, they’ll retreat — a “detach when threatened” survival tactic that can be difficult to undo later in life.

During Those First Few Months Expect: A mostly go-with-the-flow kind of baby who requires LOTS of feedings (to account for that taller, broader, stronger build)

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