What Does Your Summer Baby’s Zodiac Sign Say About Her?

If you know me, you know the astrological zodiac has been an unwavering fascination in the Libran House de Abbey for a looong time — like, since sixth grade, cross-legged in an aisle of the O.E. Dunckel Middle School Media Center’s “Soft Science” section, in braces and glasses and Doc Martens, likely researching if love was likely to bloom between me and any boy also trying out for the jazz band. (Like many spiritual explorations, it began at a moment in need of profound and immediate cosmic guidance.)

Since then, thank god(!), the root of my fascination has evolved.

Now, I like the zodiac because of how it can provide another archetypical lens to help develop my cast of fictional characters. And I like how it’s all muddled in mystery — a quasi, pseudo, sorta sciency perspective rooted in star formations. And, maybe most of all, I like how knowing a bit about it allows for a fun party trick, or at least entertains me when I’m trapped in an otherwise boring conversation. Does his hooded, penetrating gaze make him a Scorpio? She’s so exact and detail-oriented and clean, with a to-do list that screams “Virgo.” Am I right?…. You get the idea.

So, upon learning our baby’s estimated due date, I’ve enjoyed reading up on what the stars claim will be in store for our little guy’s general traits. Below, I’ve provided a rough personality breakdown for the summer baby possibilities (Gemini, Cancer, and Leo), inspired by my two favorite astrological resources: Sun Signs and Big Bad Ass Book of the Zodiac.

(Note: If you’re really interested, you’ll find more accuracy by exploring overlapping qualities, should your child be born on an astrological cusp, or, if you know the babe’s sex, that can influence nuances within each sign, too. May the stars be ever in your favor!)

If your baby’s a GEMINI (“The Twins,” May 21 to June 20):

Positive Traits: inquisitive, inventive, imaginative, chatty, friendly to all, contagious laugh, often reads and writes before other children

Negative Traits: impatient, quickly bored, restless, needs physical stimulation to exhaust herself, sometimes has a “head in the clouds” daydreamy approach to life

The Geminian Look: often tall, often slender, often light on their feet, maintains “youthful look” much longer than most all other signs

Little Geminis Need: freedom and space to explore and grow and move (even if it’s only alongside her imaginary friend!)

During Those First Few Months Expect: extremely erratic sleep patterns

If your baby’s a CANCER (“The Crab,” June 21 to July 22):

Positive Traits: caring, sensitive, helpful, good memory, happiest in a happy home, often very attached to their mothers, loves snuggling, can play alone for hours

Negative Traits: moody (“crabby!”), introspective to a fault, possessive, too easily bruised by others’ words/actions, at times, irrationally fearful

The Cancerian Look: warm and expressive eyes, strong facial bone structure, puts on weight very easily (often later in life)

Little Cancers Need: approval and attention from parents, along with constant reassurance that they’re loved and safe

During Those First Few Months Expect: lots of tears, but often for attention (and not out of true discomfort)

If your baby’s a LEO (“The Lion,” July 23 to August 22):

Positive Traits: honest, loyal, lively, proud, generous, almost always awakes in a great mood, loves to be the center of attention

Negative Traits: stubborn, sulky, competitive to a fault, can grow too proud to the point of becoming arrogant or boastful, sometimes dramatic

The Leonian Look: exudes confidence in posture, general disposition, and preferred fashion (even at a young age), often actually has “lion-like” features (long eyelashes, lush hair, and a deceptively lazy look — but may be just as ready to purr as pounce!)

Little Leos Need: a good balance of affection and discipline (disingenuous/unearned pats on the back will be damaging, but this one still needs a lot of genuine praise to keep his pride up)

During Those First Few Months Expect: to be very tired yourself. Leo babes, right from the get-go, have energy to spare!

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